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Starts: 30-Nov-10 1:50 p.m. GMT

Ends: 10-Jan-11 1:50 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $2500, was awarded to Creativ...

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A tablet computer accessory for a unique market. The product will be used in airports, lecture halls and offices. We have already designed the lower portion of the product.

Update 5-Dec-10 GMT
Please note newly added files no. 5 and 6 which show a clearer print of the existing ratchet mechanism.
Update 7-Dec-10 GMT

This company, Griffin, has a nice aesthetic and some interesting solutions. Please check them out.
Update 8-Dec-10 GMT
I just added files 7,8 & 9 so that you could see what the current product we are selling looks like. This is called a "tummy bar" because it curves around the operators stomach. Because of the way the J-bar operates, though, the tummy bar platform can also be ideally located out in front of the operator for typing and resting the wrists.
Update 8-Dec-10 GMT

Follow this link for a video demonstration of the current product.
Update 9-Dec-10 GMT

Check out CrunchGear to see how other manufacturers are dealing with iPad covers. You can see the different angles for typing, also different ways of handling the 90 degree turn.
Update 12-Dec-10 GMT

Please have a look at this torque insert. This is just one recommendation for how to deal with the changeable angle on the technology deck (for viewing vs. typing). You may have another way to achieve the same result. These torque inserts are about $4 each.
Update 17-Dec-10 GMT

An interesting case.
Update 21-Dec-10 GMT
I extended the date for submission until Jan. 10th. The majority of the submissions that I've gotten to date are missing the mark. The brief calls out for the Technology Deck to include a way of holding a cell phone. Nobody has addressed that. Please make sure to read through all of the materials, paying particular attention to the Briefing. Also, we posted up pictures of the tummy bar that we currently sell so that you could see how that products relates to someone. I think the curve of that product makes sense, but we are not looking to mount our table and cell phone holders to that product, and it more than likely does not need to be as long as that. The technology deck begin at the ratchet. We are looking to end up with a fully-designed product in Pro-E or solid-works that we can make an injection molding tool out of. Please keep your questions coming.
Update 21-Dec-10 GMT
I just added a PowerPoint presentation on a Reell Tourque insert and how it is used in commercial products. The problem of how to address the changing angle of the tablet computer on the technology deck needs to be addressed. If doesn't necessarily need to be this product, though.
Update 22-Dec-10 GMT
Elliptic Labs set to save your iPad from smudges with 3D gesture-sensing dock (video) http://engt.co/g1K31n
Update 26-Dec-10 GMT
Dear All, we are willing to consider designs that do not have a cam or rotating element (the cam designs we received so far would be too expensive to tool, and a couple infringed existing patents). If the tablet was not being held at all four corners in anticipation of being rotated, that would open up the possibility of some kind of soft-clamping mechanism at the bottom only. Provided that it was a simple, quick operation, the operator could turn the tablet themselves and re-clamp it. This would also mean that the tablet could be supported in back by a very simple, flat support- sort of like a sheet-music holder (the rigidity of the tablet would mean that you would not have to support the entire tablet, of course, and would allow the designer freedom to use some interesting curves). A couple of things to remember:

1. The brief calls out for a place to put an i-phone like cell phone so that the operator can use the chat function and be in the field of view.
2. The angle adjustment of the tablet must be bullet-proof (that means "work all of the time" for our non-United States designers). The torque-insert data I provided is one way of dealing with the problem. If you need technical data on how to incorporate something like this into your design, ask and I will put you in touch with the salesperson.

Hope that helps.
Update 6-Jan-11 GMT

I post this just to show that designers are grappling with the hands-free issue. This is a bit extreme, at least for me.
Update 12-Jan-11 GMT

I have an email into CrowdSpring to see how the final process works. Obviously we do not want to pay out the award until the project is 100% complete. We are on the right path, though, I believe. You should absolutely feel free to contact the Reell salesperson. His name is Jeff Eliason tel#651-307-9045 email jeff@motionmechanisms.com He will help with the torque insert and also the clamp. Make sure that we have the right tension with the spec that I gave you. Essentially, we want the same feel as the screen on a high-end laptop- it should stay in the place that you put it, but be relatively easy to move. We have decided that we will probably use a CNC milling machine for the "deck" portion and have a tool made for the plastic parts that hold the cell phone and tablet computer. Final files will need to take that into consideration.