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Book Info

Author's Name

Tess Mull


Ava McEvoy is languishing on the island paradise of Fiji. A dedicated nurse volunteer, she feels discontented at the remote evacuation hospital that receives few patients. Her dissatisfaction with inactivity is reaching a degree of desperateness when Lieutenant Vic Hamilton arrives. Young, handsome, and vivacious, Vic turns out to be just the purpose Ava has been needing for the recovery of her fading morale.

Thrown together during the chaos of WWII, Ava and Vic find refuge in one another. An instantaneous friendship blossoms and deepens naturally into love as Ava rehabilitates Vic. She learns to love his unyielding commitment to hope, and in turn, Vic, a naval pilot and selfless war hero, appreciates Avas lively intelligence and sweet determination. They form a bond which is only paused by the wars end. After a brief separation, Vic and Ava are reunited. Their relationship, though, is not at all how either had envisioned it. An injury has left Vic with retrograde amnesia and no memory of Ava or the months they spent together.

Ava chooses to conceal her deep attachment and accept the torturous repercussions intense psychological pain of her loss, emotional strain of harboring her secret tragedy, and complications that arise from her inability to be herself around Vic the one person who had once made her feel most herself.

Vic still feels drawn to Ava, despite her altered personality and rigid behavior, and over time, his determined kindness and good-nature overcome Avas fondest and most painful memories. But can they ever regain what was lost? Set in a majestic place and enhanced by the vivid dialogue of realistic characters, To Love Again is a powerful drama reflecting a real time, a real place, and real people, and is a haunting romance that captures the enduring power of love.

Size Info

Trim size: 5" x 8",
Page count: 245,
Interior type: Black and White,
Page color: Cream,
Spine width: 0.613"

Target Audience

Who are your readers?

I hope to reach readers who appreciate wholesome values and who are drawn to the attitudes of a bygone age. I believe history buffs (the story takes place during WWII) as well as readers seeking romance and adventure (it is set in Fiji) would also find my book appealing.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

I hope to communicate that the story takes place during WWII, that it is set in an exotic location (WWII), and that it its themes are old-fashioned, but not outdated.

Style and Content

What colors do you want to see in your design?

I would hope to see a mixture of colors that incorporate the colors found in a tropical setting, but nothing that is too gaudy or over the top (no modern neons, for example).

What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?


Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

I like traditional or retro styles. I hope to evoke a vintage travel poster from the era or a postcard.

What content must be included in your design?

The title, written in a retro font, a WWII-era Navy plane, and some sort of island theme (palm trees, the ocean, etc.).



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