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This book provides entrepreneurs, small business owners, team leaders and anyone who want to manage their own business with insight to business and emotional aspects of the process as well as guidelines, wise advice and useful tips.

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It is not a dry guide-book with 10 steps to success, but relates the steps from personal experiences and takes into account emotional processes and self-awareness.

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It is important that the cover convey the spirit of the books content and manage to look both professional and approachable at the same time. So, Modern but not too formal.

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Dr. Tsvika N. Ben-Porat


In todays competitive world, many entrepreneurs often pay a very high price for their lack of experience. Whether because of their refusal to learn from the mistakes of others, or because of their sensitive ego or because of a lack of experience or lack of personal and managerial maturity. At times it takes years of hard work, maturity, the ability to see things from a wide perspective, and a vision, to reach balance. The balance Ben-Porat speaks of in the book Three's a company is the ability to divide the pie of our lives into the things that motivate us family, work and career, and the time we have for ourselves in a wise manner that makes it possible for us to walk the road of success without losing or sacrificing other areas of our lives which are no less important to us than success and personal fulfilment.
Ben-Porat helps entrepreneurs to shorten or to correctly manage their personal process of maturation. He provides the entrepreneurs with tools to achieve proportions and an idea of what to expect, and gives them the means to achieve their goals while minimizing the personal cost involved. Ben-Porat speaks of an inner journey, and the book is a kind of guide to the world of entrepreneurship, involving the wisdom of Zen, humour, personal experience and practical insight. His years of experience as a leader in high-tech, his affection for the eastern arts of thought and the combination of years of karate training help Ben-Porat to catch the reader in an engaging and convincing manner. His humorous anecdotes and stories taken from real life demonstrate a unique way of seeing things, empathy and humour regarding the difficulties standing before entrepreneurs; and he provides the solutions, ways of thought and tools for self improvement.
This book conveys many messages, messages which were intended to support entrepreneurs but are also useful to any one, whoever he may be, who seeks the tools for self improvement on the way to success. Among these perhaps the strongest message is one that should be hung on the refrigerator and studied every morning: that the wisdom in this journey towards success is not only to walk through to the end, but to become acquainted with the beautiful spots along the way and to take time to smell the flowers blooming on the wayside.

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