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Russell Turney


When an experimental Vortex Generator (VG1) threatens to obliterate time and space, inter-dimensional problem solver, Gaia Hassani, must once again take human form to recover and destroy the dangerous device. Terra, another life form with similar powers, intends on obtaining the VG1 for her own ends, the elimination of all life in the universe.
Gaia locates the flawed prototype and moves to seize it from its inventor, the handsome and charismatic Professor Bart Cooksley, only to be thwarted by Terra, in a sudden and savage attack. Terra flees across time with the VG1, leaving Gaia stranded in 2011. Overnight, Bart builds the superior VG2, incorporating new quantum equations Gaia has provided. Gaia finds herself in Atlantis after borrowing the VG2 to pursue Terra. She enlists the help of a friendly politician, who has no intention of turning Terra or the VG1 over to Gaia, his sole focus being further power and wealth.
The Atlantian Secret Police capture Terra, and torture her for instructions on how to use the device. Gaia escapes a similar fate, evades the searching guards and slips through the city undetected to arrive at the prison where Terra is held. Terra cons her torturers into removing the special alloy shackles that render her powerless. Free, she exacts revenge on her tormentors before unleashing earthquakes and a volcano on the sleeping Atlantis. Trapped in a time enigma, a helpless Gaia watches as a pyroclastic flow roars down upon her and Atlantis.
Haunted by his feelings for Gaia and escalating time paradoxes, Bart cobbles together a third machine, VG3, using parts from Radio Shack and junked computers. As Gaias clothes begin to ignite, Bart manages to reach through a vortex and nudge her ten days into the future. Now free, Gaia leaps after Terra, arriving in the late Middle Ages with her clothes still smoldering. Branded a witch for her sudden, smoky appearance, she runs, only to be captured and jailed. Manacled with iron, the one element that short circuits her energy flow, her abilities are useless.
Through the prison window, Terra goads Gaia with her true intentions: the total destruction of all matter. Once Terra finds the correct vortex, she plans to jump to the beginning of time, stopping the big bang, and making a void of everything.
Found guilty of witchcraft, Gaia is sentenced to burn at the stake, much to the delight of a gathering mob. As the fire is lit, Terra departs with the VG1. Part-time soldier, Bart, has finally cracked how to use his VG3 and, dressed as a monk, comes to Gaias aid. He sheds his disguise and, dispensing a combination of shock and awe and tear gas, is able to rescue Gaia and the VG2. He carries her back to the 21st century, and nurses her out of a severe fever, a side effect of her contact with iron.
Their attraction for each other grows and they become lovers. Bart concocts a plan to take the fight to Terra. With Gaia asleep, he disables her VG2 then locates Terra, and jumps to the Ukraine to trap and kill her. Terra damages his VG3, causing the release of a huge electro-magnetic wave, which in turn triggers a disaster at the nearby Chernobyl nuclear plant. Terra takes the fixable VG3 and goes in search of a replacement part, leaving the mortally wounded Bart to die. Sensing his impending death, Gaia repairs the disabled VG2, and snatches Bart from the clutches of the God of Death, then uses her waning powers to partly heal him.
Forced by circumstance, a weary Gaia takes a weapon she and Bart have devised and jumps back to 1908 Siberia. Knowing Terra will pursue her, Gaia sets a trap and waits. Her trap nearly succeeds. Wounded and enraged, Terra stops long enough to kill Gaia and retrieve the VG2 she needs to destroy the universe. Gaia summons the last of her energy to manifest a tiny but deadly solution, antimatter, destroying both herself and Terra in a cataclysmic explosion known as Tunguska.
With Terra neutralized and the devices destroyed, Gaias superiors give her an unexpected choice: return to the Guf (The Hall of Souls), or stay on earth with Bart.
Gaia knows what she desires, but what does Bart want?

Size Info

Trim size: 6" x 9",
Page count: 226,
Interior type: Black and White,
Page color: Cream,
Spine width: 0.565"

Target Audience

Who are your readers?

Paranormal, Scifi, romance

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

The female protagonist, Gaia, leaves her energy state to take human form. (I DO NOT want to see a picture of her on the cover, I want the reader to form their own idea from the description) although an indistinct IMAGE of her would be alright. As an energy being she is represented by colours.
Gaia pursues her antogonist across time by movign through vortexes or energy fields. Both the prtagonist and atagonist have yellow irises. There are scenes in Atlantis, a 'crytsal energy' powered society. Maybe a 'galactic' or space background.

Style and Content

What colors do you want to see in your design?


What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?


Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

open to suggestions

What content must be included in your design?

something that signals the duality of Gaia, energy being and human. possibly some sort of vortex. possibly a pointer to the romance that develops.

Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.



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