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This is for my consulting LLC, a one person operation (OK two I suppose since my wife also consults sometimes through it). I need to go to trade shows and sell my consulting services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The company I bought my display from wants to sell me services from a graphics designer but I really wanted to try Crowdspring for this because I like my results from logo projects.


Our pop up display consists of two 29 inch X 62 inch panels on a slightly curved table top display. See design PUS6QF at www.professionaldisplays.com/table_top_d.... This essentially is a 58 inch X 62 inch surface. Less is said to be more because a trade show is supposed to only give you a few seconds of a customer's attention before they move on. We will be attending smaller trade-shows, with maybe 14 exhibitors so not quite the same as a massive trade show. So we want to have a little bit of detail about who we are, our scientific publications, and the services we provide.


Large and small contract research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical, and biotech companies who need help designing and validating their regulated (GLP) operations to the satisfaction of the FDA and other regulatory agencies as well as discovery operations with an eye on high end speed and top tier operational design.

Our customer is usually a PhD scientist and management executive who has a fairly large budget at his or her command. He or she wants to manage a high performing bioanalytical lab at minimal cost and with no regulatory findings or issues. He or she is usually very analytical in nature and fairly well compensated.


Our website is at www.sentrionllc.org. That is our current logo and we have been using that basic color scheme and so forth. It also has a lot of the textual content that will need to go into the final design. I am not particularly attached to this design, I just don't have time to start another logo project, get new business cards, and that sort of thing. If someone wanted to throw a new logo and stationary in with the project in order to have a better table top display and brochure I could be convinced.

For more ideas search 'table top displays' or pop-up displays in google and look through the various graphics the display vendors are using to pitch their pop-ups. eg. www.aceexhibits.com and www.skyline.com.

Please see attached the following:

-A checklist from a firm that prints the banners; looks like the like final files in In-Design, but I would also like a file in Power-Point

-Sentrion Logo

-A banner from the website

-A power point file that is in the wrong dimensions but has some graphics and information on it

-my current business card file ... it has tagline of sorts on the back of it...

"Working to bring the best solutions and strategies to the pharmaceutical community"



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