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Adventos LLC, is a high-growth, Colorado technology company that works magic with Microsoft enterprise software (i.e., SharePoint, which will be referenced in this ad). Our way passionate and committed consultants have deep expertise in the software AND in how to engage and inspire our clients staff to use the software effectively and enthusiastically. That last bit is key. Our clients are CIOs and their staffs in federal, state and local government agencies. Most of our competitors focus just on technology and are boring. We think software is meaningless if it doesnt engage the people wholl use it. Thats at the core of how we differentiate; technology AND people. Were not just software developers; were also trainers and coaches. We do bring a ton of creativity to our technical work implementing SharePoint to meet new and different needs (e.g., intranet based remote training, new hire onboarding, inventory tracking) but never without also working to train and inspire those wholl use it.

Were able to directly impact government effectiveness at a time when government is under the spotlight to do more with less. Adventos and SharePoint equal much more with much less.

Microsoft SharePoint is a billion dollar business because the software (w/ our help to install and train) is inexpensive and very versatile. Suits the times. Government can use it to create websites, intranets/portals, improve collaboration across department lines, digitize and manage forms (huge opportunity in government), etc.


A four-color, full page, portrait ad for the October, 2009 issue of Public CIO Magazine. Design/Layout is up to you since thats not our expertise (see our website for proof ). We want to stand out. A few ideas below but feel free to try different things:

1. Software is useless without enthusiastic and knowledgable people to use it

2. Clients have thorny and meaty problems as explained below in target audience. Maybe photos or other graphics to make a reader groan recognizing themselves in the picture(s)?

3. Adventos is a SharePoint knowledge-transfer leader. We teach them to fish versus fishing for them.

4. Working with Adventos to customize/implement SharePoint is a cost-effective way to solve big business problems in the current economic environment

5. Did you know SharePoint can. [this gets at the idea that many agencies have SharePoint but dont use it fully or know what it can actually do to save them money/solve problems, etc.]

See attached docs for more design specs, formats & requirements


Public CIO magazine is read by ~26,000 senior level tech leaders (CIOs, etc.) in federal, state and local government agencies across the US). The CIOs have Directors and Managers who are software developers, systems architects and other tech workers. They make sure software works and that key govt processes (e.g., security, transportation, administration, defense) are smooth. As we all know, theres an obvious and massive opportunity for government to be more efficient. Our target market knows it.

Less known by our prospective clients: affordable SharePoint software can be a big time answer to many of their daily problems.

Problems like drowning in millions of forms that are completed manually and stored in file cabinets where they cant be found. Problems like staff rebelling against other big enterprise software that is awkward and confusing (SharePoint can provide better user interfaces for some of those other big software products). Problems like different teams or departments in the same agency battling each other. Problems like millions of dollars going to waste when other enterprise software is so buggy and hard to implement it cant accomplish intended tasks. That kind of stuff makes the kind of local newspaper headlines that our target market wants to avoid at all costs.

*While the ad should mainly promote Adventos services, its reference of SharePoint will also mean that your work will be visible to senior Microsoft executives.*


We'll favor ad concepts that are clever and most likely to really grab a reader. Clean sans serif fonts. Colors, style and photo or graphic choices all up to you keeping in mind only that we want to appeal to readers, get them to email us for more info and not offend or put off anyone.


The ad should have Adventos logo, contact info, the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner logo and "Microsoft Learning" logos from our website prominent (at the bottom of the ad?). We'll also want the logos for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 there as well.

There should also be a prominent callout for a call-to-action somewhere on the ad:

"For a free, customized phone consultation with an Adventos SharePoint Government expert and more information, email: sharepointadvice@adventos.com"



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