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we're a new apparel company and have designed a new shirt (for men and women) that we eventually want to sell in retail stores. we are currently selling online.

See our site here: http://tinyurl.com/665u23

(We are purposely keeping our product name out of this description so we avoid being indexed by any search engines. when submitting any feedback or questions, please don't include our brandname. call it brand X, for fun.)

in reviewing similar products and their packaging, we feel it's necessary to create packaging in the same form factor so our product will fit into existing store display cases.

the overall make-up of the packaging consists of:

1. clear plastic/polybay, roughly 10.5" x 10.5"

2. color printed cardboard insert (various dimensions) that is folded, wrapped around the shirts and placed inside the poly bay.

this project is for the design of the printed cardboard insert. there are a few key things that are important to us:

1. the design has to work for men's and women's packaging for now. to keep manufacturing costs down, we need to have a design that works for both

2. we want to highlight the shirt fabric and how it fits on people as those are the characteristics that separate us from others in our space

3. the cardboard dimensions cannot be overly complicated, so we can't have weird cut-outs or anything to obscure that may increase manufacturing costs

4. for now, please pull copy from our website and use as placeholder in your design. we will finalize the copy once we choose a winning design.

The attachments include pictures of similar product packaging, dimensions of their cardboard inserts, and some graphic files of our logo and other creative elements we're currently using.



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