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Telcoinabox is a franchise that enables anyone to operate a telecommunications business under their own brand. All franchisees have the ability to sell the same products, e.g. mobile phone plans, broadband, landlines etc, but they need marketing collateral that can be customised according to their brand and pricing.

We have created a website system to enable them to use the same content, but under their own brand. Now we need to create printed collateral.

To automate the production of printed marketing collateral, we have created a FileMaker Pro database that contains each brand's logo, contact details, and their primary and secondary brand colours as eps background files. These are 'merged' into a design.

To produce customised collateral, a design is created in InDesign but with transparancy where we want the brand colours to show through and white where we want to hide it (so basically a coloured background). All icons/images have transparant backgrounds or a clipping path so they can go on any brand colour. See attached flyer examples for how this works.


We are looking to create a range of A4 (single sided or double sided) sell sheets/product sheets that each franchisee can send to their customers as a PDF by email, or the PDF can be downloaded from each franchisee's website.

This project is to design a template system for how these sell sheets will look so that we can differentiate by products catagory, e.g. mobile, but visually communicate the range of products offered. Each sheet will be for a specific product, e.g. Mobile Cap Plans.

The objective isn't to provide lots of copy, but an easy way of getting the topline features & benefits of the product, and the pricing.

We want them to be visually exciting, make the franchisees look professional, and well branded through bold use of brand colour.

To demonstrate how the template system would work, we would like to see a design for a couple of products, from different catalogues:

- http://telcoinaboxsp2.brandkits.com.au/_...

- http://telcoinaboxsp2.brandkits.com.au/_...

There would be regular work for the winning designer as we need to create sell sheets for all current and future products. Especially if you can write good copy too.


All franchisees focus on small businesses - people who prefer the personal service offered by someone who's got a small business too - and they like the straight-talking tone and no jargon used. They've been with the big phone companies but hate getting lost in the system.

They want good value products, that are easy to understand and reliable. They want to know what it is, what is does, why they should use it and how much it costs.


It's a unique challenge because you are designing a template system for many brands, however most will desire good clean design, good use of space and bold use of their brand colours (each has two).

There needs to be a clear call to action.


1. Logo - either use attached or a generic logo of some sort.

2. Contact Details:

- Call 1300 123 456

- Email info@domain.com.au

- Visit domain.com.au

3. Category Icon (mobile, landline, internet, hosting) - see attached file. Can be used solid or just a tint for effect.

4. Product Icon (SmartCaps, ISDN etc) - see attached file.Can be used solid or just a tint for effect.

5. Product Titile - e.g. SmartCaps

6. Features & Benefits - a simple list of feature boxes

7. Pricing table.

8. 'Things you should know' - ts & cs - allow a couple of paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

9. Product relevant image - this could be hardware or a liftstyle type image but probably needs one to make it interesting.

10. A common font - probably Arial - the reason is so each franchisee can edit the pricing table using Acrobat (which needs the font installed on the computer to edit text).

For sample content for products please see some franchisee websites - they use the same 'Overview' content:

- http://www.oracletelecom.com.au/

- http://www.2easytel.com

- http://platinumtelecom.brandkits.com.au

Bonus marks for thinking how these sell sheets will be translated to the web, as the 'overview' content on the websites needs to be redesigned also.



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