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Ritter Communications is a local Internet, Phone and Cable TV service provider in Northeast Arkansas. We service over 20,000 homes in 35 counties. We are based in Arkansas and began here over 100 years ago and have 4 locations throughout to better serve our customers.

We have a very honest, local feel and mentality. We like to provide customers with a real person when they call, and have a real person available 24/7 to answer questions, problems, etc. We have always focused our advertising with a local approach, highlighting the benefits that can be gained from talking and working with real people in your community, rather than people that are worlds away, or an automated system.

Our slogan, or promise, is "Right by You." We take this promise very seriously and believe that the real benefit of having service with us is that we are Right by You, living and working in the same place as our customers.

The communities in which we are based are approximately made up of less than 150,000 people, so this is not a "metro" area. This is a low income, older, less educated population and we do have to keep that in mind when advertising or marketing.


I want a new and fresh campaign to sell all three services: Phone, Internet and Cable TV. I want it to look technologically advanced because we do compete with At&t, Comcast and Suddenlink, and in most instances have more channels, higher Internet speeds and better prices.

With our previous local campaigns, we have focused more on the local aspect and customer service-more of a "branding" campaign. Although this is very important, I want to really make this a "selling" campaign. I want to show people why they should get Ritter services and why we are better.

I want to make very clear, that I DO NOT want a cookie-cutter feel and I don't want to look anything like AT&T or COMCAST or something that anther global company has done. I want to have something that is fresh and original and fun and clean and WOW!!!

The main focus is to get people to recognize that we can provide everything a global company can, but with a local person and company there to assist you the entire waythe best of both worlds!

For now I just want the overall concept. We will be using direct mail, print ads, radio commercials, TV commercials, web banners, billboards, etc. But, I just need the overall look and feel right now. The best way to start may be to do a slogan and a logo or a simple print ad or billboard concept.

The graphics are where we really struggle normally, so I want them to be powerful and striking. I like simple. I do not like crowded and junked up. I like clean and simple and basic, but fun and striking. Use color, but don't be cartoonish. I don't want to be seen as the po-dunk phone/cable/Internet company. I want to be seen as a real player competing, (and winning), against the big global, corporate companies. We have everything they have, and more in this area, and we need to show it!


Our audience is residential homes in Northeast Arkansas. NE Arkansas is by nature older and less educated, low income and not incredibly advanced. We are behind the times on a lot of things like technology. Not to say that we don't need to appear technologically advanced.

These are Internet surfers, Cable TV watchers, and phone users. Families, kids, etc.


I don't want to suggest anything here, because I don't want to box anyone in. Have fun, be creative and think: LOCAL, FUN, EXCITING, CLEAN, and RITTER!


If you are doing any kind of print piece:

The Ritter Logo

The Right by You Logo

If you are doing a slogan or logoNOTHING!



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