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Reliable Wireline

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Reliable Wireline, LLC provides a range of cased hole electric wireline services to its clients. These services are divided into two major categories of services.
The first category is logging. By lowering highly sophisticated instrument sensor packages, called sondes, on our armored conductor cable, we infer, indirectly by the effect of acoustical, nuclear, magnetic/electrical and mechanical means, on the physical condition of the well casing, formation and cement for the client. These services are performed as needed during the life of the well to maintain optimum performance. Services such as the acoustical cement bond log will identify the quality of the isolation of the formation by the cement sheath between casing and formation. This log will aid identify channels that allow for lost production and environmental concerns. Nuclear logging will identify physical characteristics of the formation, formation fluids and the ability to produce or evaluate the efficiency of a hydraulic fracture operation. Mechanical/electrical/magnetic logging can identify splits in pipe, corrosion and mechanical deformity of the pipe.
The second category involves the use of extremely specialized explosives that are designed to penetrate the casing, cement sheath and formation like a drill. Although these are explosives, the hydrodynamic nature of the design, simply pushes the steel, cement and formation away, similar to how a water jet from a garden hose can drill a hole in the ground, albeit in 1/1000th of a second. Tests prove that the accuracy of the holes can be in tolerances of +/- fractions of a centimeter, with no damage to the casing, cement or formation. These tests are established in API testing protocols. The other aspect of the use of explosives is using low explosives to generate sufficient power in a setting tool to set plugs and packers as part of the well completion process. All of this energy is contained within the setting tool itself.
These services are precise, have years of development behind them and verifiable. The explosives pose no danger to good, API-spec tubulars and certainly, the casing used in hydraulic fracturing meets this requirement. The explosives are designed to penetrate the formation deeply and the results from those hundreds of thousands of production records show no skin damage to the formation and clearly enhances the fracture process and production in both vertical and horizontal well.
Reliable Wireline is at service to provide all of these services with experience measured in decades.

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1 page trifold front and back brochure

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8 1/2 x 11 trifold front and back full color brochure

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oil & gas producers, engineers and supply chain managers

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safe and reliable

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nothing to reference

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reliable wireline colors
red white blue black

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simple but informative
easy to read

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as a sales brochure

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written copy - text in word document
photos of wireline trucks
photos we use on our website



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