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This is a marketing brochure for a unique, hand-built, rustic log cabin on a 30 acre estate in the woods...55 minutes from midtown Manhattan in New York State. In addition to current photography of the interiors, exteriors, aerials and landscape, we also have access to a wide range of historical black and white photographs showing the cabin being built, and would be willing to purchase limited additional stock photography (or satellite photos) if appropriate to the design scheme. Some of the better interior/exterior photos are available for downloading at http://drop.io/indianlake, and I will add some additional ones (including the historicals) shortly.

Among the topics in the brochure will be: history of the area and property, the cabin and its interior, the property, the lake, the surrounding region, directions/specifications/legal


Final deliverable is a flight-checked, Mac-compatible, Adobe InDesign file with everything necessary to go to press, as well as the project in press-ready EPS, and two Adobe PDF files: one in sequence for viewing on a monitor, one paginated for printing two-sided on 12 x 13 paper (assuming full bleed).


The asking price for the cabin is US $2 million, and it is targeted to a very special person: someone with a lot of money, probably living in New York City, who loves the outdoors and would view the rustic, natural, isolation of the cabin as a major positive. This is a special and unusual place, and would not be at all suitable for someone who expects or needs wall to wall carpeting, air-conditioning, luxury amenities, or a household staff. It is, however, the most breathtakingly beautiful property for a young-ish (any home in the woods requires lots of maintenance), nature-loving, executive who is looking for a weekend retreat that is the antithesis of the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has been featured in photo shoots in Real Simple magazine, and is a unique property for a unique person.


The over-arching aim here is for high production value, as appropriate for a multi-million dollar real estate sale. I envision ample use of photography, including the property and aerial shots we have, full bleed art, and a look and feel resonant of the great Adirondack 'camps' of the early 20th century. Check out http://www.thepointresort.com/ for something of feel I'm looking for, as well as the video at http://www.pbs.org/theadirondacks/. While this cabin is not itself in the Adirondacks, it is exactly the same look and feel.


Must have photographs, don't want anything pedestrian. I'm willing to consider something slightly avant garde, but it all must be in service being true to the property, and delivering high production value.

Update 24-Nov-08, 12:50am CST

OK, my apologies to all for the delay. I have uploaded three files into the drop ( http://drop.io/indianlake ) for the log cabin project:

TextForLogCabinBrochure.doc is the base text for the brochure. You are welcome to use the paragraphs in any order, although I believe that the default sequence makes the most sense.

LogCabinQuotations.doc is a separate file of short, atributed quotations (and one short poem) that you may, but are not required, to use as design elements or pull quotes if you would like. Feel free to use none, some or all.

IndianLakePVHistoricalPhotos(low res) is a PDF file of many of the historical photos that are available. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the originals this weekend, so please look through this file, and copy out any photos that you would like to use. Include them as placeholders in your design, and before the end of the project I will have access to hi res scans of the original photos, and will upload them here as necessary.

Similarly, all of the images in the drop under "pictures" are available in hi res (9 meg Nikon NEF RAW format) versions, and will be uploaded this week. For the moment, I've uploaded four of the hires versions for you to work with.

Finally, if you believe that the project would be enhanced by the addition of purchased stock photography, that is a possibility. Let me know what you have in mind and what the cost would be, and if appropriate I will purchase and upload here so that everyone can use it/them.

Any questions, feel free to ask.



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