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Our small company is growing up this year and we need to revise our image in our marketing materials to be used for our 2009 global marketing project.

- Let me tell you about us:

Fritos, Cheetos, beer, table salt, Viagra, Gallo wine, Summer Sausage, SPAM, shampoo and nuclear power. These are but a few of the things our equipment helps make every single day all over the world. We started out very 'Mom and Pop' in our garage over ten years ago. And now, with a new product being released, it's time to upgrade our global image.

- Here is what we need:

The first project on the marketing list is a re-design of our six page Sales Brochure for the new product. We're looking for a new and professional looking cover design and a cleaned up layout for the contents. This new design direction will form the foundation of all of our new marketing literature this year.

I have uploaded two Illustrator (CS2) files where we blocked out the main items we need to show in the brochure. The cover needs a creative touch and the interior layout needs help from someone who has an eye for pleasing information flow.

- Our target audience is:

The primary audience for these three pieces includes end users (Instrument and Maintenance Engineers at the industrial plant level) and distributors (inside and outside sales force employed by our distributor network). Our products are, quite possibly, the most expensive available in our industry. However when other equipment fails in 2-3 weeks, ours will last 3-4 years (in fact, we have a 3-year Performance Guarantee). So those that spend the money feel it is quite worth it. But we clearly do not sell on price. People know when QTRCO walks in the door, we will fix the problem, but they will be paying a lot for the equipment. This is the main reason we feel we need to upgrade from our mom and pop image. We're more "BMW, the ultimate driving machine" and not so much Chevy. We'd like to look less mom-and-pop, but not completely corporate either. We're no longer tiny, but we've grown up to Small and Nimble. We can out-engineer everyone else on the planet and beat the big guys to market with new designs every time.

- Deliverables:

Currently we have Illustrator CS2 and InDesign CS4. Either of those formats will be sufficient for us to go to print. The page dimensions are shown in the Illustrator files and a full bleed design is desirable.

- We like these designs:

www.topworx.com literature is all very well done. I like the colors and the feel. If it will help, I can scan and upload lots of examples if you have trouble downloading any of their literature from their site.

- We absolutely must have (or don't want to see) this in our design:

The company colors are black and red. The red is Pantone 185C, black is a rich black. The Logo can be presented in either Red, White or Black. The font used in the logo is Haettenschweiler and I think it is pretty common as a system font. We use that font whenever we write the word QTRCO, Inc. It can be used other places if you wish. Don't mess with the logo; everything else is up for discussion.

Do not want to see images of industrial plants or guys in hard hats in the background. The big boss doesn't like that and it is quite overdone in our industry.

Existing brochures are uploaded as an example of where we are coming from.



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