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Pinky Toes recently received a new look. Please see attached file for that image.

Now, Pinky Toes needs a packaging design.

The actual products are two small, nude-colored transparent silicone rings that go around your pinky toe. They protect the toe from corns, blisters and callouses. They are small (about .5 inch by 1 inch)

So the packaging MUST BE:

- small and discreet (women might not want to proclaim their use of toe products)

- able to be used for product storage (this is the most important part of the design: the packaging will be used for storing the product)

- eye-catching and cute (get creative!)

Some ideas that have been tossed around are:

- small tube that holds both toe rings. about the size of a small vitamin or pill box

- small treasure chest-looking box. I remember as a child receiving those to put my loose teeth in!

- cardboard or environmentally-friendly packaging

- small cosmetic or make-up looking compact

- ventilation in the packaging might be important for sanitary purposes

Remember that the actual product is no larger than .5 inch by 1 inch. There will be 2 rings in each box so make the designs small and discreet.

This product will be displayed in high-end department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Please make sure the packaging looks classy, neat and chic. Also, quality is a must.



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