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Business Info

Business Name

Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness

What do you do?

Specialised Mindfulness Certification, Training & workshops to health professionals, educators and people in leadership across Australia.

Highly professional, contemporary, innovative, adventurous, fast-moving and energetic. Our communication style is friendly and approachable.

both drive and being centred i.e. a mix of East and west. Active yet professional, focussed on wellbeing and high functioning not just surviving mental illness.

How many pages of print design do you need?

1 page for this ad. (We will create brochures business cards next)

List the size requirement(s) for your print design

Full page (portrait):
210 mm x 297 mm

IMPORTANT: The final PDF version of the design must be High resolution CMYK PDF, 300 dpi / press ready with crops and 3mm bleed (Maximum file size 5MB)

We want the bottom banner colour to print to the edge of the page.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Health Care and Biotech

Describe the target audience for your print design

40 year old female health professionals who want to be confident, skilled at working with others, sure of themselves, and both relaxed and ambitious

Gender about 85% women
Age from late 20s top mid 60s
Profession: Health Professionals, Psychologists in clinical practice, in organisations, management and education.

NB. We want to change our colours not to alienate men.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your print design?

Highly professional, contemporary, and intellectually informed

Certification and courses available

Leading provider in Australia

Style and Concept

What print design styles do you like?

**We are looking for someone with a really good eye for colour and a clean, professional layout.

**We appreciate your creativity, but for this ad, we want a better version of what we have already started.

We have ATTACHED 5 word documents labelled 'crowdspring brief layout 1-5':
for 5 variations we started with.

***** Please note- the content in these drafts is not in the right place or properly written - because we were just playing with ideas. The correct content is in attached word doc "Content"

We especially liked the idea of the one with 3 coloured boxes- but the content is in the wrong place, and the boxes are not right - we were just playing.

Could you start with these ideas (Attached) and make it more beautiful, eye catching and professional

We want lots of white space, really clean neat lines and order. Elegant. And pops of colour. No chaos.

For Colours- See below also. Can you find a purple/ dark magenta that works well for the ad, and change the pink colour of our logo to that. Then use the same blue or change the blue so that it pops a little with the logo. ATTACHED is original logo colours. we want to change these to be less pink.

What colors do you want to see in your print design?

We want to use a purple/dark magenta kind of colour, and a blue that fits well with that,

Can you change the pink and blue in our existing logo to match these colours (existing logo files are attached). unless you are making logo in white and putting over purple background.

HEADING colour needs to be strong without losing any sense of elegance.

We like pops of colours that are complementary to the main banner - we attempted this with the orange, yellow and lime green. we need you to use colours that work together and in a design that works

What colors do you NOT want to see in your print design?

grey, dark, browns, Block black

What adjectives should best describe your print design?

Vibrant, Professional, clean, no chaos, elegant, spacious, modern, not too "girlie"

How will you use the print design?

This is for a full page ad in a professional psychologist's journal.

What content must be included in the print design?

Please see attached file for all content

does not need to be big on the page, just readable.
in addition to changing the colours to work with this ad (see above),
can you delete the tagline of the logo 'Professional and Enlightening way to CPD)

Please keep large font size, like one of the 2 sizes in the examples with colour used in logo

is important

Please keep image of woman (attached) on left, & facing towards words on right.

BOTTOM BANNER- please keep banner, can make font a bit smaller if looks better

Can you please also add our phone number (08) 8272 0046 near the bottom if you can do that in a way that is visually appealing. No need to write phone or T-



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