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Business Info

Business Name

Last Call Productions

What do you do?

We host live team events in bars and restaurants all over the country. On the night of the event, we show up and host a two-hour long game show for all the teams (people bring their friends and play as a team) in the bar/restaurant. We have three products (types of events) that we host - Trivia (pub quiz), Tunes (name-that-tune), and Bar Buffalo (brain games and word puzzles). All three of these products/events/games are structured the same way, where teams think of an answer to the question, write their answer and point wager on a small slip of paper, and turn it into the host for scoring. People at these events compete for bar tabs and get very competitive and excited at the event (it's wildly fun and addictive). Our sales people must go into the bars and restaurants and convince the owner(s) to contract our services, which over time builds a large network of clients in an area.

How many pages of print design do you need?

Two (2) pages, which will be printed on one sheet - front and back.

List the size requirement(s) for your print design

Each page should fit on an 8.5x11 sheet

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Bar and Restaurant Industry, Entertainment Industry

Describe the target audience for your print design

We are designing a new Sales Sheet that will be given to bar/restaurant owners, marketing directors, managers, decision-makers, etc.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your print design?

1. That what we offer is new and trendy, and that they would be missing out if they did not do business with us.
2. That we are experienced, hard-working, and will deliver results.
3. That we are here to build a long-term relationship with them.

Style and Concept

What print design styles do you like?

We must have a Sales Sheet that relays the information in a catchy, yet professional way. We DO NOT like those traditional, boring business brochures, no matter how nice and professional they look. We are not your typical company. We need a modern-looking Sales Sheet that shows how ahead of the curve we are as a company.

What colors do you want to see in your print design?

No preference on colors right now, but it might be nice to match with our product logos (attached).

What colors do you NOT want to see in your print design?

No bright, neon colors.

What adjectives should best describe your print design?

Exciting, Trendy, Intriquing, Modern, Coming-of-age, Professional, ORGANIZED, Inviting

How will you use the print design?

They will be printed (front and back) and handed to our target audience to keep and look over once our sales people have left.

What content must be included in the print design?

Please use the following description of what we want rather than just looking at our old Sales Sheet (attached, front and back).

WHAT SHOULD BE ON THE FRONT (not necessarily in order):

-Corporate logo

-Illustration of a non-city-specific skyline

-"Last Call events are great ways to increase profits and traffic throughout the week. By providing organized live trivia, name-that-tune, and bar buffalo nights, we make it easy for you to host the event as we handle the marketing, materials, setup, and staff to ensure an engaging evening for your guests."

-"The 4 Steps to a Last Call Event:
1. You choose the event date/time. Our clients use Last Call to boost sales or simply to provide fun, engaging entertainment on slower nights.
2. We promote/market your event. Flyers-Posters-Game Sheets-Mailing List-Last Call Website-Facebook-Twitter-Google-Craigslist-LEAGUES
3. We put on a stellar show for you. We take care of the setup, materials, equipment, staff, and clean up. You just have to provide the prizes.
4. You reap all the benefits. New Customers-Returning Customers-INCREASED SALES-Having the hottest industry trends in your venue."

-"How Trivia, Tunes, and Buffalo Shows Work:
*Teams sign up - Teams give team names to emcee and pick up game materials
*Introduction/Rules - Emcee introduces venue and Last Call, announces specials and upcoming events for venue, and explains rules of the game
*Team Introductions - Emcee introduces each team competing
*Emcee reads questions & plays songs - Emcee reads each question twice and plays a song, during which each team must turn in an answer to the emcee
*Process is repeated until all 24 questions are answered - Emcee will accompany the questions and songs with interesting facts, scores, etc.
*Winners are revealed - Emcee thanks everyone for attending and prizes are awarded to the winning teams"

-"Last Call is your cost-effective marketing solution, because we offer an affordable weekly event that gets results. Our rate covers the production of your weekly event and includes our advertising/marketing package for FREE. Plus, we will even give you a discount for the first few weeks to demonstrate our commitment to building a long-term, successful weekly event with you."

-"Why pay hundreds of dollars to place a small ad in a publication with a thousand other small ads? It just doesn't make sense! Our advertising is strategically placed, and it works because people care about Last Call events. You can see the results from your investment, which are at a fraction of the cost of other advertising and promotion packages."

-"Bottom Line: Our live team events fill your seats, increase your sales, give you tons of promotion, and provide your guests with the highest level of entertainment."


-Pictures of people having fun in a bar or restaurant. (We like the photos we had on the old Sales Sheet, so feel free to use them if you can get them off the attached pdf.)

-Client Testimonials - Please either copy the ones off of the old Sales Sheet, or just leave a blank space for us to add them later.

WHAT SHOULD BE ON THE BACK (not necessarily in order):

-We would like some kind of layout that showcases our three products. Trivia is general knowledge trivia questions. Tunes is identifying specific details from clips of popular songs. Bar Buffalo is solving a wide range of creative puzzles and brain games.

Trivia Example: What villainous red-suited character terrorized Domino's Pizza during the 1980s? The Noid

Tunes Example: Finish the lyrics of the song when the music stops. You will hear it twice. 4 words. A new version Answer: "...of the old scene." (Rag Doll - Aerosmith)

Buffalo Example: Re-arrange the letters in the anagram to find the answer that relates to the category and clue. Category: Landmarks, Clue: D.C., Anagram: A MOMENT HUNTING SNOW, Answer: Washington Monument

***Maybe it would be good to put the answer very small and upside down underneath the sample questions so that the answer cannot be seen easily.

-"All Last Call shows contain 24 total questions and are specifically designed to be a spirited competition...NOT a school exam. Each show lasts approximately two hours and is filled with excitement, entertainment, and your favorite music between questions. Last Call shows also incorporate a distinctive point wagering system giving teams the ability to choose their own strategy, which in addition to a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels, ensures that every team has an equal chance to compete."

-Team Testimonials - Please either copy the ones off of the old Sales Sheet, or just leave a blank space for us to add them later.

-"FINAL QUESTION: What is defined as the process of turning a slow night into a busy night while getting tons of advertising and promotion in the process?

ANSWER: The Smartest Marketing Move You Can Make"


-***IF POSSIBLE (but not the biggest deal in the world)*** - Please leave a blank space at the bottom of either the front or back page for the sales person to staple his/her business card to the Sales Sheet in a way that doesn't cover up any information.



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