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LifeBuilder Ultra Protein (full name) - Folding carton, cube design

Startup company with a 100% all natural protein, that is completely un-refined and non-denatured. We will have 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The powder will be packed in individual packets in a folding carton cube.

Here are more details of the protein and it's uniqueness. I apologize in advance for the length of the details, but I didn't want to leave anything out.

LifeBuilder Ultra Protein is the magnificent result of over 30 years of passion that brings you an incredible proprietary protein superfood that can never be duplicated. LifeBuilder Ultra Protein is the first unrefined, non-instantized, truly all natural grass pasture milk whey protein in the world. But thats far from all.

From the outset, our cause in developing LifeBuilder Ultra Protein was rooted in the belief that given whats currently offered in the marketplace, whey protein can be done better -- much better. We knew that the answer lay in the delicate balance involved in: 1) a devotion to 100% all-natural ingredients. 2) - maintaining the integrity of whey proteins natural power structure. 3) - further strengthening it with the use of our natural science MAPS Technology process -- the most sophisticated natural food science engineering of its kind. And 4) - by incorporating our proprietary Endura HerbTM herbal blend. Combined together in LifeBuilder Ultra Protein, weve created the quintessential protein superfood.

First off, our whey protein comes from healthy dairy cows that have grazed in abundant sunshine on pristine grass pastures. Further, our milking cows are not from standard dairy farms that feed their cows questionable dried grains, which can negatively transform healthy milk proteins into harmful allergens. Our cows have no history of disease and are never subject to any chemicals, antibiotics, or recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or any other hormones (NO rBST or rBGH).

We never use high heat processing or cross-flow filtration, ion exchange, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, hydrolyzation or any other process that would denature, degrade and cause devastating damage to the natural native proteins and other delicate nutritive factors found in fresh grass pasture milk. What theyre not telling you is that their protein has been significantly refined and therefore denatured meaning its naturally inherent, whole natural nutrition has been devastated. The nature has been stripped from it. In their advertising they may even say that their protein is not denatured, but that doesnt make it so.

Utilizing MAPS Technology, we both unlock and then capture the highest quality of the bioactive whey protein components. The result: LifeBuilder Ultra Protein brings you the worlds first and only full range of the highest levels of key nutritive factors of native whey protein found in natural grass pasture whole fresh milk.

We have been able to retain the complete range of biological activity and composition of the health giving whey protein factors as they are found in nature and then carefully reengineer (recode) the compositional balance of the whey protein components (i.e., lactalbumins, lactoglobulins, glycomacropeptides, lactoferrins, amino acid peptides, etc.) so that the resulting protein is perfectly balanced, undamaged, and abundant in life giving growth factors, amino acids such as Cysteine -- and other essential nutrients that are lost or degraded in conventional processing.

Endura-Herb Power Complex supplies a unique blend of Eastern European herbs and other vital fruit extracts, creating powerful synergies within your bodys metabolism so youll be naturally powered to withstand and overcome the stresses of life and be your best. By carefully combining a specific selection of the worlds finest and most potent herbs (Russian Rhodiola Root, Caucasus Mountain Blueberry Leaf, Horse Chestnut Herb, Magnolia Bark) and nutritive fruit extracts well known for their powerful antioxidant properties (Pomegranate Fruit, Cherry Fruit, Nectarine Fruit, Apple Skin) and then utilizing our exclusive laboratory extraction and standardization techniques we deliver a life enhancing natural herbal complex within LifeBuilder that we believe has no equal.

All these benefits, in accordance with our world class formulation, simply put, positions us to deliver the freshest, most potent and life building, truly natural and unrefined whey protein in the world.


The powder will be packed in individual packets in a folding carton cube. This project is for the design of the carton that will be in retail stores. The carton will be approximately 8"x8"x8". Packet sizes are 3"x5". Packet design will be the same as the carton. The carton type is very similar to Target's Private Label Wine Cube (file attached).

It is very important to us that the story of our protein be carried over into the design of the carton. A "cool" design will not cut it. It has to be a story through and through.


Cost-conscious, health-conscious label-reader who is not tied to national brand names. Those who work to change eating habits promoted by health concerns and interest in self-care. These individuals that actively seek out health and nutritional information, are younger to middle aged, and have medium to high household incomes.


Should be about nature and have a feeling of pureness and life. Must be male and female friendly. "LifeBuilder" is the key name with "Ultra Protein" in smaller font. 100% natural should be called out.


Our product stands out from all the proteins in the market, Jay Robb, Isopure, BlueBonnet, MuscleMilk. So our design must to. Nothing that looks like what is on the market. Not too sportsy, bodybuilding, or too high tech.



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