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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a purely online art gallery, selling contemporary original art by artists all over the US in a unique e-commerce model. We promote our concept in national print magazines, such as Elle Decor, The Atlantic, and Dwell, promoting our innovative approach as well as our artists in ads in consumer publications. View our website at some length at www.ArtQuiver.com to get a sense of our concept and visual style.

What do you need?

We need a 4C full page advertisement to run in major national print magazines, that promotes our concept and drives requests for our free print catalogue as well as direct sales from our website. Our ads are not meant to simply create brand awareness, but rather to drive sales in a "direct response" approach, along the same vein as a Rosetta Stone or Bose advertisement.

We are looking for a variety of well constructed concepts, one of which we drive to completion.

The key points about us to communicate are:
1. Art is showcased and sold online
2. We are different, innovative, unique
3. Artwork is high caliber, contemporary, original
4. We offer choice and convenience
5. We offer extraordinary protection: free shipping, free return shipping and a lifetime return policy

Some concepts we have discussed inhouse (you may develop these but we hope to see additional ideas from crowdspring!) include:
1. A compelling modern living room setting with a striking piece of artwork.
2. An art gallery scene with some tongue in cheek reference to our concept (artwork is hanging in flat screen monitors on walls, patrons are seated at breakfast table inside gallery, etc)
3. a catalogue like page that simply promotes several specific pieces of art with some visual implication that there is a large inventory online as well.
4. A big customer testimonial ad with upscale pictures from their home with multiple works of art they have purchased from ArtQuiver.

We hope you can run with one or better yet distill our message into something else altogether that has stopping power and conveys our concept and its benefits visually.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience skews female, is design conscious, and has relatively high disposable income. Artwork on ArtQuiver.com sells in a range between about $500 and $5000. They are old enough to have the disposable income this requires, as well as the aesthetic interest in their surroundings, but young enough to embrace the web for e-commerce generally. Age is typically 30 - 55. Our clientele are also typically working professionals, busy, without the time for the traditional art gallery scene. The audience is NOT the cliched art buyer that you might imagine in an auction or high brow gallery setting. They simply enjoy having original, inspiring contemporary art around them, and are open minded about a better way to browse and purchase it for themselves.


We Like These Examples

Our current ad is attached. It performs well, and drives web traffic, leads from print catalogue requests, and sales. It is informative more than attention grabbing, does everything pretty well. But we want to test concepts that ultimately do better. Remember that the goal is not the most clever or novel look. Or to impress the advertising world. It is to drive interest and sales from our target audience! Ultimately that means grab the attention of the reader, draw them in, convince them of the concept, and motivate them to act on their interest.

We Absolutely Must Have

1. A prominent headline: the one we have used in the past has been "A Smarter Way to Buy Original Art.", though this might change of course depending on the nature of the visual direction you choose.

2. A call to action with the exact sentence, "Browse at ArtQuiver.com/XXXXX or call 877.501.2787 for a FREE catalogue of our latest artwork."

3. A prominent offer that reads "LIMITED TIME OFFER: Order by December XX, 2010 and receive a FREE $100 igourmet.com gift card. Use code XXXXXX." This may change for the actual ad, but should serve as placeholder for the offer we run.

4. Logo

5. Compelling artwork from our site. It may be a single large image or many smaller images, isolated or in the context of an interior space. You should find low-res placeholder images from our website for the initial concepts.

6. As little text as possible to convey message, as white space, artwork, and minimal design is preferred. However, we recognize that there are more text heavy direct response ads that perform very well. We will provide text later, so initial concepts can simply leave placeholder text as little as text suggested in this section, and as much as text from our prior ad (attached).

7. Overall feeling of sophistication, elegance, and modern design. This may be difficult to balance with the calls to action, offer, and other hallmarks of direct response ads. We think you are up to the challenge. We look forward to your submissions!



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