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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a small office of energetic and idealistic professionals dedicated to the idea that volunteer mentors can help at-risk individuals create better lives for themselves.
What We Do
Mid Valley Mentors is a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency providing support and transition services through one-on-one mentoring in Marion County since 2004. As an agency, we strive to improve the conditions for all in our community by supporting the growth and development of at-risk individuals through nurturing relationships. Our mentoring programs adhere to evidence-based practices and exceed state and federal quality assurance standards for mentoring programs.
Our Services

Youth Mentoring for juvenile offenders, children of prisoners, and at-risk youth ages 4-18 through our Juvenile Enrichment through Mentorship Program (JEM)

Mentoring for adult ex-offenders releasing from prison, 18+ through our Reentry Solutions Program (RSP) as part of the Marion County Reentry Initiative (MCRI)

Teen pregnancy prevention education for middle school students

Support for mentor programs in Marion-Polk counties through the Marion County Mentoring Partnership

What do you need?

Three print designs that look like theyre in the same family:
1. JEM program brochure in a commercial print-ready pdf and photoshop or publisher file with text and graphic layers so that we may edit the document and print with alternate copy. We need you to layout copy, it is included in the materials.

This tri-fold brochure needs to describe our program effectively. It will be used to give information to parents and juvenile probation officers who may have a child they can recommend for the program. All the content that needs to be in this is included both as a word document and a pdf with logos as well. The brochure needs pictures and/or graphics to reinforce the copy. These pictures need to depict the struggles the youth are facing and imagery about mentors helping them through it.

2. Promotional Poster: Print Ready PDF and Layered Photoshop File with graphics and copy in separate layers. Size: 11x17 Color Poster to recruit volunteers. We need this to be designed to allow us to swap out graphics that we can customize to fit an audience. For example, with the same poster, we should be able to swap the graphic of two young adults playing basketball, to an older lady and a younger girl standing and talking, then to an older man and a younger man fishing. We will handle swapping the photos, but it needs to be designed with this in mind. We imagine a large long photo on either side with text to the opposite side. We will need to receive this file in a layered photoshop file so that the swapping may be done easily by our photoshop trained staff.

We need you to layout copy, it is included in the materials.

Who Is Your Audience?

For #1, the JEM brochure, the audience is parents, teachers and parole officers (or other juvenile detention officers) who may have at-risk youth in need of a mentor.
For #2 and #3 the audience is the entire universe of potential mentors. They may be young college students, older active retired people, working professionals or stay-at-home mothers.
- We need two photo variations from you to start in a format that will allow us to swap out a different photo in the future on our own.
o One featuring an adult males and a teen male (Caucasian or Hispanic) playing basketball.
o One featuring an adult woman (40s) and a tween girl (age 12 16) smiling and having a great time.


We Like These Examples

We Like These Examples (Share examples of work you like and what you like about them.)
1. Hand written lined paper list of stuff someone could do with a red circle or check around be a mentor relaying the list information above. Something along the lines of the attached To-Do list graphic. It does not need to have the spiral bound aspect or the pen.
notepad example included in materials
2. Vertical Basketball photos with lots of action, looks like fun
Basketball example 1
Basketball example 2
(both included in materials)

We Absolutely Must Have

1. For the Poster and Flyer:
- MMVMtall_tag logo
- MVMwide_org
(both included in materials)
For the JEM Brochure:
2. Compelling photos (we can purchase from iStock if you find one of there you want and dont have one already)
3. Brand Reinforcement with logo colors and visible logo
4. Contact information (email, website url and phone number) easily visible and identifiable.
5. In the JEM Brochure, please include the attached JEM-"xxxx" logos under community partners.



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