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We are a mortgage broker in LatAm (project in English). Here, this is not only a growth business, but an exciting, new concept for consumers. We work with a number of financial institutions to offer their products to customers. Our target audience typically ranges from lower to upper middle class. Our corporate slogan (translated) is Intelligent Orientation. Our aim is to facilitate the mortgage experience for the consumer, as here it is usually a bureaucratic, nervewrecking process with a large amount of paperwork.

We are a new company that so far has little brand awareness, and the concept of mortgage broking in itself is brand new here, as is the product and in particular specialty products like home equity (which basically does not exist here yet). Hence, posters have to be very clear in their messages.


Color posters that will be used at marketing sites as well as in our stores. The posters are to display/illustrate our marketing messages (see below). We do not want too much text, just a clear, , striking conveyance of our marketing message(s) via concise text and a supporting picture/illustration. It can be funny it should be something that grabs the consumers attention and stays in his/her mind.

We already posted one project in Dec-08, which resulted in a "general" poster about our service.

This time we need a poster SPECIFICALLY ABOUT HOME EQUITY. This is an exciting growth product here, as there is virtually 0% penetration, zero consumer awareness, yet a wealth of marketing arguments -- see below.

We are agnostic as to whether to use photos and/or graphic illustrations/designs (obviously photos should not be subject to copyright or we should be able to buy the rights).

Size -- A2 and larger

You will provide all necessary specs of the work to us.

Note on language don't worry about submitting texts in Spanish or Portuguese, we will do the translation. However this obviously means that you should not bother coming up with clever wordplays, as these will likely get lost.

* We are looking for 1-2 posters as a first test/sample. If we are satisfied, we may hire you privately do make further designs for us. *


Home equity mortgages (i.e. using your a property that you already own as a guarantee to obtain a long-term, typically cheap, loan that you can then use as you please) have three key target markets. We realize it may be hard or perhaps impossible to integrate all three in one design hence you dont have to we will simply start with one key message and then very probably award more projects to reach the other target audiences. You can just pick the one for which you happen to have the best idea. Or if you do manage to integrate more than one target audience in the same design all the power to you!

1. Private people who have a property (or several), but may have a lot of other debts (credit cards, store cards, auto loan, personal loan, etc.), typically at much higher interest rates, and could benefit from a home equity loan in order to consolidate these other debts and substitute them with one single, typically much lower, monthly payment.

2. Private people who have a property (or several), and could benefit from a home equity loan as a cheap form of credit (compared to other forms of credit) to provide them with liquidity for a number of potential expenses new car, boat, college for kids, travel, renovation of the property itself, etc.

3. Micro or small-sized companies, who have a property (or several) and could benefit from a home equity loan as a cheap form credit (compared to other forms of credit) to provide them with liquidity for their company.

Example marketing messages (these are rather uncreative, but just to get the basic idea):

We can help you obtain a cheap credit using your property

We can help you use your property to pay off expensive loans and bills

We can help you use your businesss property to obtain a cheap loan for your working capital or investments

Your property may have increased substantially in value. We can help you obtain a cheap credit, using your property so you can enjoy life and fulfil some of your dreams, like a new car, boat, holidays, college for your kids

Do you have a property? Do you know we can help you obtain a cheap loan for renovation, using your property as a guarantee? Increase your standard of living, and the value of your property! Add that new kitchen, new bathroom, swimming pool, etc.


Our website www.sagacecasa.com.br (in Portuguese) for general background.

Those of you based in the US/Europe will be familiar with the concept of home equity and probably know at least some companies who have marketing messages, or any search on the internet (incl. e.g. youtube) will give you an idea how this product is marketed.

Attached is our logo in .jpg and .ai the logo has to appear in the posters.



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