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Our Mission

Our company supplies to resellers clothing made from environmental fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo. We take a pragmatic approach to integrating business and environmentalism. There doesnt need to be a financial burden attached to having environmental habits, we offer you low prices that help your business.

We also strive to achieve complete transparency so you know we walk the talk. We manufacture start to finish in Canada, to guarantee that our products encounter NO sweatshops and NO child labor.

At our company we further our commitment to environmental causes by donating 1% of all profits to environmental charities.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown using no pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Conventionally grown cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world. Their negative effects include harm to human health and increases in ecological toxicity. They are a leading cause of poisonings here and have been estimated to account for thousands of deaths each year globally. The Organic Trade Association estimates that nearly 20, 000 deaths a year are caused by pesticide related sicknesses. Every shirt you buy from our company saves 1/3 of a pound of pesticides.


Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Because it grows at roughly 1 meter a day, Bamboo can be routinely harvested without killing the plant. We use the fibers on the inside of the plant and convert them to a fabric. Although are few chemicals used in this conversion process, we believe that by supporting the industry we can help move technology forward to a point where one day Bamboo can become a major contributor to the apparel industry.

Social Commitment

Our most encouraged core line of products are made from start to finish in Canada, guaranteeing that the process is free of sweatshop labor, and that we are supporting Canadian workers. We also give away 1% of our profits to the one percent for the planet organization, ensuring that we maintain a charitable aspect to our sustainable business model.



On one side of a sheet will be the order form (see attached order form for example of design). On the other side of the sheet will be our price list.


*letterhead with logo, address, contact information


Business card #1

Business Card #2


We need a marketing material that we can hand out. On this material we should see the key messaging of our company and our contact information. Be creative with the graphics. Also keep in mind we would like to retain a corporate feel as we are selling only to resellers and not to the end user.

Use some of these key messaging slogans as ideas. DO NOT use all of them on one sheet of paper.

1) Environmental fabrics

Sustainable fabrics

Organic cotton & Bamboo

1% of profits for the planet

2) Canadian Made

Sweatshop free

NO child labor

NO Sweatshops

Canadian Made

3) Low prices that save you money

T-shirts as low as 6.50

Low prices

Low prices that save you money

Pricing that keeps your business in mind

4) Quality and Comfort

Flattering cuts

Retail quality


Company Image

Colors are orange, blue, steel gray.

We are selling only to resellers (promotional companies), who then sell to the end user (e.g. UNICEF, Rogers, Universities, etc.). We want to the company image to find the appropriate balance between,

o Eco-friendly

o NO sweatshop labor because we are 100% Canadian made (but we can do custom offshore)

o A corporate feel (comfortable fitting clothing but not high fashion)

*This is just a rough idea of what we are looking for. The folder and other documents are not necessary if you can think of other good cost-effective ways to communicate our message.



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