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Who we are:

The London Games Festival is one of the biggest games festivals in Europe and is now in its third year. The Fringe is a part of the festival and addresses all the areas that the main festival does not reach. We are based in central London around the west end. The festival is sponsored partly by the London Development agency but we rely on other sponsorship and support to make the festival free and open to all.

Last year over 100,000 people took part in the festival as a whole. Over 90% of fringe events are free and open to all. We have everything from street games, mobile games, discussion on new forms of entertainment, DS world record attempts, music in games events, interactive theatre, the business of interactive media and games, games poetry events, you name it, if it involves a link to games and interactivity then we will showcase it!People come to the festival to play, learn, innovate, and work.

Events can be serious, light hearted thought provoking and innovative.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a design for a flyer and poster.

Poster A3 size 300 x 423mm

trim 297 x 420 mm

A5 leaflet (either landscape or protrait)

300 x 423 mm

trim 297 x 420mm

As we are moving away from our old logo as it does not reach our target audience, (please see info below) we can play around with colours design and font for London Games Fringe.

If you feel inspired you can check out the artwork guidelines from our printer which has colour saturation and bleed details!

We have a website www.londongamesfringe.com . It has not been fully completed yet but there are images from last years festival which you might be able to use if you would like. As we are apart of the main festival we also have our events listed on www.londongamesfestival.com

White and warm colours are good. It needs to be inviting to all!

We need to have space across the bottom of the poster and the leaflet for logos. There will be around five logos from funders and sponsors.

Our target audience is:

This is a bit of a design challenge!

Currently the fringe demographics are around 65 % men and the rest women, we attract all ages from kids to professionals working in the games and other creative industries including TV, mobile animation, web and even music and theatre. Average age is around 24-38 years of age. We are looking for a simple but provocative design that will attract our diverse audience.

We want to be open to encouraging women and ethnic diversity into the industry. The festival attracts the trend setters, and innovators as well as the local community, we need something that will appeal to both. We are apart of the main festival so do attract their audience as well. www.londongamesfestival.com which are primarily gamers.

Our design absolutely must have: The logo that is attached needs to be on the flyer but does not need to be very prominent. The logo is quite aggressive and does not appeal to our diverse audience and we had trouble attracting the people we wanted because of it. But we have to use it this year on both the flyer and the poster, unfortunately, at least some where on the design. Even if it is at the bottom near the rest of the logos. So if you can think of a way using colour or any other way of lightening it up that would be great! We are not just about black, white and red but are more diverse than that.

Poster brief:

Full colour, see sizes above.

These will be placed at venues and shops in London. They will advertise the fringe. We are looking for something that grabs attention. If people walk past.

It would be good to have at least the following text:

London Games Fringe

Sat 25th Oct Fri 7th Nov

A fringe festival filled with games and interactive entertainment. Come to play, learn and innovate.

See more at: www.londongamesfringe.com

Part of the London Games Festival.

Printed by the London Print Company (small at side or bottom)

We need to have space across the bottom of the poster for logos around five.

Leaflet brief:

full colour 2 sided. see sizes above.

There will be information about some of the events on the flyer please see below dummy text. There would be two sides. One can mirror the poster and the other should have listings of events

Front of leaflet.

Can be the same as the poster or reduced info.

Back of leaflet

each event will have between 30-40 words. And there will be 6 events advertised.

Example :

Event 1 28-29th October

Dummy text 30-40 words


See more at: www.londongamesfringe.com

Part of the London Games Festival

Printed by the London Print Company


Would rather avoid

Anything that is too cutting edge, dark or masculine wont work as it will appeal to only a small section of our audience. i.e. a total black poster is not good. Also things that are too busy or patterned.



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