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We're a recently launched bar and restaurant specials website, SpecialsAgent.com. We allow users to search for the best specials near their specific address. We also offer heavily discounted gift certificates to bars and restaurants. We need to create a fun, memorable leave behind to get these bars and restaurants to want to work with us. And that's where you come in to put our information in print and make it look awesome.


We need a leave behind for our sales and business development teams to use to entice companies to work with us. Specifically, this brochure, which we'd like designed in the style of a passport, will be given to bar/restaurant owners and managers as well as people who work for larger companies, such as beer companies and larger restaurant groups. We'd like to keep with our special agent theme

We want to look cool and make it immediately clear that were a bar and restaurant search engine and that we make it easy and free for bars and restaurants to get in front of their exact demographic.

This is the information that we need to present:


SpecialsAgent.com targets food and drink lovers and gets them through your doors. We negotiate deals with you to get our operatives in your seats.

How it works:

You create an enticing deal.

We distribute the deal to our database of operatives looking for deals through technology. We Tweet, Facebook, email and advertise to get people to buy your SpecialOp.

We distribute codes, you watch the customers and dollars come in the door.

SpecialOp Examples:

Buy one brunch, get one free

$10 for buffet and beers, 6-9 Friday night

$10 for a $20 gift certificate

Want immediate customers? Try a QuickOp.

Slow Thursday afternoon? Call us, and well put up a QuickOp. Operatives can immediately purchase the deal and walk through your doors right away. We provide you with a list of codes, and when you run a QuickOp, anyone who purchases will be immediately sent a code, and you can check them off your list.

QuickOp Examples:

$2 for a dozen wings

$1 for a Bud Light

$2 for a panini


Increase revenue

Drive in new customers

Reach lost patrons

Expand brand exposure to web, social, mobile and other media

Advertise your current specials

Expand your events and promotions


Call your SpecialsAgent.com consultant, or call Headquarters at 847.859.3100 or email info@specialsagent.com.


The audience for this leave behind can basically be broken down into two groups: bar owners/managers, and marketing/advertising executives for large alcohol and food companies. We want them to think that we are the perfect opportunity for them to get in front of food and drink lovers in their neighborhoods. As we continue to roll out more technology to help users find the best specials in their neighborhood, our goal is to be considered the absolute authority on bar and restaurant specials nationwide.

The audience for this leave behind skews male from roughly 34-45 years old. They'll need something eye-catching or they won't pay attention as they're very busy running a bar or restaurant. Often, the sales person will probably leave this with a bartender or server, so it needs to be a piece that the bartender will also find cool enough to pass on. While we're only in Chicago now, we're planning on expanding nationally soon, so please keep that in mind.

Since most of the people who will be looking at these will be in darker places, such as bars, it will need to be very easy to read with little light. It'll be important to make sure that our URL, email addresses, phone numbers, anything of that ilk remain large enough to easily find and read.


Our site's design has been recently redone, and the changes will be implemented over the next week. The next version of the site features a lot of green as well as blacks and grays. We're a fan of keeping the green consistent throughout all of our collateral. Out of our competition, we like the site designs of both Groupon.com and Smalltabs.com. We were initially inspired to have a special agent passport for this project by the passport created for the Zac Brown Band. http://www.aleven.com/casestudy_zacbrown...


Anytime mentioning the company, please spell as "SpecialsAgent.com." Please spell "SpecialOp" and "QuickOp" consistently as well. We need to include the information above, and we need to make sure that the URL www.specialsagent.com is obvious and legible.



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