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Island Bread Company specializes in baked goods which reflect the flavor of the islands. Our products are marketed by boutiques which cater primarily to tourists in the Hawaiian Islands.

We are looking for creative submissions for the following three areas:

1) logo design

2) business card design

3) package design (for our bread)

for our logo, something original yet unmistakably Hawaiian is a must. We envision something a bit vintage (think Pan Am clipper ship posters), but would be open to modern interpretations as well. We would love to have a very minimalist look while retaining traditional Hawaiian flair. Our tag is: "for a taste of aloha." We would ideally like to include the tag in our logo, but it will all depend on how well the tag can be integrated (ie. don't want the tag to make the logo look heavy or off balanced.)

business cards should follow logo design. Please include the usual: name, title, address, t, m, f, e, w,. Rounded corners are a must. The back of the card might feature our logo and tag.

packaging should include logo + tag. Our loaves of bread measure 7.5inches long x 3.5inches tall x 3.5inches wide. Our goal is to create very original packaging for our bread. Should reflect Hawaii in a subtle but eye catching way. We will most likely be using cardboard packaging (think donut boxes). Base color of cardboard will be either natural (think donut box interior) or white. This means that your artwork will be printed against a recycled brown or white background. Please design accordingly.

As a final note, we really like the look of Honolulu Coffee Company's logo. It evokes the classic Hawaii feeling we're going for. Please don't copy their logo...just refer to for a sense of the style were looking for. http://www.honolulucoffee.com



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