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About Us

Inspired Fitness is a womens social network focused on helping our members meet their fitness and nutritional goals through support, accountability, and shared social experiences. We believe that the key to helping our members reach their fitness goals is through a support network that will help them stay motivated, keep on track, and have fun all at the same time.

Our program is a 3-month program that focuses on developing healthy fitness and nutritional routines that they can then continue on for life. Its takes 21 days (or 3 weeks) to develop a habit, so the program starts with a 3 week FitnessNOW fast track program that will be the foundation for the rest of the program. After completing the FitnessNOW program, members will be grouped into teams of 4 based on fitness levels, fitness goals, and other criteria. These teams will work out with each other for the remainder of the 9 weeks of the program. There will be weekly contests amongst the teams to keep everyone motivated and to help overcome any plateaus.

In conjunction with the daily exercise routines, members will be introduced to a new cardio activity each week. The activities offered will vary depending on the season, but will include such options as tennis, boxing, dancing, yoga, spinning, water aerobics, kayaking, etc. Many of these activities are ones that members may have always wanted to try but were afraid to go alone, were not able to find a friend to try it with, or just never got around to trying. Our program offers 9 new activities to expand each members cardio experience.

With so much going on in our daily lives, sometimes we just need time to relax, unwind, and enjoy a nice meal and a glass of wine. Inspired Fitness organizes a Dinner Club each month for our members to try out hot new restaurants in town as well as new culinary delights. This is an opportunity to take a break from responsibility (work, husbands or significant others, kids, etc) and just kick back with a few (or maybe 50) girlfriends. This will also offer opportunities to experience foods that members may have never tried before: sushi, fondue, thai, tapas, etc.

What would life be without some spice? Inspired Fitness also offers a monthly Spice up your Night event to help keep or bring some excitement into your love life. Such activities may include a shopping trip to Victorias Secret for bra and lingerie fittings, pole dancing lessons, or a trip to a toy store (and were not talking FAO Schwartz).


An 8.5x11 z-fold brochure being printed on 100-lb glossy paper. We're using an overnight printer- www.nextday flyers.com and their layout and instructions are attached.

Attached are our logo as well as a web design for our home page that crowdspring just completed for us.

Inspired Fitness' (if) tagline is "inspire, motivate, celebrate"

The brochure will highlight Inspired Fitness, Inc. unique approach to getting and staying on track - including the initial "Visionboad" goal setting session where the members will understand the importance of goal setting for success and they will be guided through a process to collect their goals and objectives visually on one "visionboard" that they can use as inspiration and motivation as they begin their fitness journey. The will start their fitness plan off right with a fast start 3-week FitnessNOW Bootcamp described above. From there they will move into a 3-month focused plan of working out while being motivated to stay on track through the support of the group and their team both on-line and in person.

They will be able to try brand new and unique cardio exercises each week scheduled in class form just for Inspired Fitness members (such as Bikram Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing) while being able to keep an on-line workout plan up-to-date (screen shot included) as well as a daily journal of all food eaten and the exact nutritional content from our nutrional database of over 6,000 foods (screen shot included).

They'll celebrate their progress in weekly and monthly social gatherings -- so the network has both a physical and nutrional focus as well as a social aspect.


Women looking to maintain their nutritional and physical fitness from 28 to 52, while still having fun and making new friends to give them support so they can successfully achieve their goals.


Must have something unique.....we don't want the standard brochure from a template -- we want something that the girls/women will pick up and be inspired by......some "pop"



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