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We're a growing french company selling quality consumer electronics to french markets. We're specialized in home-theater, high-fidelity, TVs, loudspeakers and videoprojectors. Visit www.homecinesolutions.fr to better focus on what we do.

Our direct competitor are www.hifissimo.com , www.magma.fr , www.cobrason.com . They all use massive ads with tons of products and slashed prices. We dont wanna do that. The nicest, www.son-video.com , is more subtle with nice photographs and a few products. That's nice, but we wanna be different. Push people to check out our website, mark their minds with how special we are.

We address high-tech fans, in magazines talking about High-Fidelity, Home-Theater and maybe high-tech gadgets.


We want something light, direct, striking, with nice fonts on a white background.

We want the read to stop turning pages because there is something different.

We would like a few "base templates" to display different messages, to emphasis on how, and what we sell :

- We have some of the best prices in France

- We try to offer the best customer service possible, before, during and after the sale.

- We sell a lot of different products, some rarely available on websites, some very high-end.

- We ban low quality, low price and focus on easy to use, sexy and long lasting products.

- We provide clean and explicit informations about these products : high definition photos, complete description, definitions of technical terms.

Ads should fit the french magazines pages : 210 x 297 mm. Source files that can be easily edited to change the text is required (we wanna re-use the template and just change the "striking" sentence).

You have to use our company logo (included, sorry for the low resolution) and the "gold guy" that can be seen everywhere on our site, or any other image. Gold Guy can be found on iStockPhoto.com.

We would like to keep the blue navigation bar that appears on the top of the site and display it on the bottom on the ad, with the list of products we sell : "ACCESSOIRES, CBLES, CHANES, ENCEINTES, HIFI, HOME-CINMA, LECTEURS, ENREGISTREURS, MOBILIER, TLVISEURS, VIDO-PROJECTION"

Attached you can find an example of a mock up we did. You can also check this great selection of very nice ads, we love : http://www.tabblo.com/studio/stories/vie...

Good luck everyone, be creative !

For french speaking audience, here are some ideas for our advertising lines :

Avec des photos de produits pour illustrer, ou une ligne d'accroche "TV, Vido, Hi-Fi, Home-Cinma"

"Trop de produits, trop de marques ? On a fait le tri pour vous. Il ne reste que le meilleur."

"Vous pensez avoir trouv le meilleur prix ? Regardez un peu pour voir ..."

"On aime les bons prix. On dteste les mauvais produits."

"Plasma ? LCD ? WiFi ? MP3 ? USB ? Nous, on vous parlera franais, pour une fois !"

"TV, Vido, Hi-Fi, Home-Cinma : on ne vend que a, mais on le fait bien."



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