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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The Mind-Body Training Company. We specialize in holistic practices for health, happiness and abundance. Our programs, CDs and courses teach practices such as meditation, qigong and yoga but also self-help techniques like visualization and affirmations. For more information about us, see:


And to see a list of our existing programs, see:


What do you need?

We need an amazing concept for our new Holistic Fitness Training home study course. From that, we will need a DVD cover.

The big idea of the Holistic Fitness Training program is that your training needs to include four key elements in order to be truly effective for your whole life (as opposed to focusing on an isolated result that could damage you in other ways e.g. too much emphasis on "big muscles" could mean you neglect stretching and inner body training and so you build up chronic tension). The four components are: CV exercise, strength training, flexibility/stretching and inner body (relaxation/meditation).

Who Is Your Audience?

Our clients are self-help / self-growth enthusiasts with a spiritual emphasis. They are mostly interested in meditation, and to a lesser extent, the law of attraction and goal setting. Our clients skew mostly women, age 40-50+, middle income, 70% US / Canada 30%, rest of the world.


We Like These Examples

Take a look at our programs page:


We especially like the designs of Raise your Vibration, Meditations For Manifesting and The Power of Practice.

One idea we have for the front cover is to put four small pictures together in a square representing the four components of HFT. So attached are four
pics for that, plus a possible back cover shot, the one with the dark blue background.

We Absolutely Must Have

Well the first step is to decide on a concept we like. Once we have the concept, we can work on text formatting etc. For that, Im attaching a DVD cover all the small text and copyright information will be the same. We want the main concept to include the text Kevin Schoeningers... Holistic Fitness Training Program



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