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Business Info

Business Name

LAPA Fundraising

What do you do?

LAPA Fundraising provides nonprofits with the development and management tools to build leadership capacity, enhance professional performance, and generate lasting organizational change and sustainable funding. LAPA combines creative problem-solving with the fundraising and business management strategy to send organization's bottom lines soaring.

How many pages of print design do you need?

11 small graphics

List the size requirement(s) for your print design

We are looking for graphics to insert into our new business presentation Word and Power Point documents. Each should be no larger than 1/4 of a 8.5 x 11 standard piece of paper. They should be able to be used both online and in printed materials.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe the target audience for your print design

The target audience is nonprofit professional - Executive Directors, Fundraising Staff, and Board members - we are looking to secure high quality fundraising counsel.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your print design?

Knowledge about the field of fundraising
An understanding of the nonprofits dilemmas

Style and Concept

What print design styles do you like?

The design should be consistent with our website - www.lapafundraising.com

What colors do you want to see in your print design?

Brand book for organization is attached

What colors do you NOT want to see in your print design?

Brand book for organization is attached.

What adjectives should best describe your print design?

Crisp, clean, easy to read, informative

How will you use the print design?

In new business presentations to nonprofit organization.

What content must be included in the print design?

Graphics 1, 2, 3, and 4

Samples attached in filed titled "LAPA Graphics" I like the look of the blue and green versions but I need them to have more details and graphic descriptions of the words.

In graphic #1 the word "stores" in the 3rd box should be changed to stories.

Graphic 5
Title Moves Management, Sample image attached entitled "moved managment"
Id like to see a similar design to this chart, but with a graphic representation of each term.

Graphic Six

Our old design attached is attached and I'd like an update version that matches the look of our new brand. We just need the graphic of the pyramid, not the whole flyer.

Graphic 7

Title - 12-Step Grant Process

Our flyer describing the service is attached (12-step-process) for reference. I would like a flow chart that just uses the heading of each service and displays it as a flow chart, or perhaps a staircase which ever you think graphically looks better.
The headings are
Gather Documents
Generate List
Qualify Prospects
Call Funders
Create Grant
Review Grant
Record Submission
Send Routing Memo
Follow Up
Follow Up Again
**NOTE: This is not a step, but in between here it needs to say Win Grant!**,
Provide Update
Coordinate Reporting

Graphic 8

Title - Party With a Purpose Flow

LAPA helps our clients coordinate and plan parties with a purpose, I want a flyer that show the outline of how one of these parties would proceed. Here are the stages of the party and the text that needs to be in the design, its really like a schedule, I dont have any ideas on what would be a good graphic representation of that:

5:45 6:30 PM Hors d'uvres and drinks (alcohol is at the discretion of the host). Guests should be greeted at the door. Organization staff may perform sign-in functions and distribute nametags.
6:30 6:35 PM Welcome Speech by the Host/Hostess stating why we are gathered.
6:35 6:42 PM Heart-strings tugging testimonials by client, or video demonstrating the power of organizations work.
6:42 6:52 PM The ask is made by LAPA or organization staff. Pledge cards are distributed throughout the crowd and collected immediately.
6:52 - ??? Entertainment, desert or more time for socializing.
As guests leave, the host collects outstanding pledge cards and distributes informational packets.

Graphic 9

Title: Organizational Orientation: See attached, remove reference of the Filson, make the look the same as the rest of the graphics.

For this one I would love the option of being able to edit it for different clients to state were they fall on the scale.

Graphic 10

Title: Steps of Feasibility.

This should be another flow chart style, indicating the following steps with some sort of graphic illustration of each step.
1. Prepare the Case for Support
2. Develop the Interview List
3. Test the Case and Evaluate Potential Donor Support
4. Identify Leadership
5. Confirm Organizational Readiness
6. Provide Specific Recommendations for moving forward

Graphic 11

Title: Donor Acquisition

Another flow chart with the following steps, this I think would be a good one to provide an illustration of each step in addition to the words:

- Purchase list of high net worth value aligned prospects
- Wealth Vet Prospects
- Send a letter introducing prospects to organization.
- Follow up by phone 10 days after letter is sent to request an in-person meeting
- Follow up two more times, in needed.
- In-person meeting with prospects.
- Solicit gift to organization.
- Secure first gift to the organization.
- Steward new donor through moves management

The LAPA brand guidelines are also attached here.



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