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About us:

CampusPoints mission is to create programs and services that serve to bridge the gap between local employers and college students and recent graduates. Every year were hiring for over 1,000 positions. We are opening doors with new and different employers that have never hired students and recent grads in the past.

CampusPoint is a FREE online resource dedicated to helping college students and recent college graduates find jobs and internships.

Please refer to our website www.CampusPoint.com to familiarize yourself with our company.

We need:

We are trying to synchronize all of our marketing materials

1. Tri-Fold Brochure Size: 8x11 but we are OPEN to other sizes.

Attached File: 1. Tri-Fold Brochure

o Example 1, 2 & 3 Our Portland Offices Tri-Fold Brochure

o All testimonials up on our website

o TriFold Brochure Content

2. Flyer/Poster Size: 8 x 11 and we need to be able to enlarge it to a standard poster size.

Attached File: 2. Flyer Poster

o Flyer Currently Passed Out at Career Fairs - WORD

3. Testimonial Size 8 x 11. Our testimonial is 1 or 2 sentences from a student and/or recent grad that has recently been placed through CampusPoint. It includes their photo. We need a template created that is a bit more eye catching.

Attached File: 3. Testimonial

o Testimonial Currently Stuck on Career Fair Board - ADOBE

o Testimonial Currently Stuck on Career Fair Board - PDF

4. Business Cards

Attached File: 4. Business Cards

o Business Cards Front & Back

5. Letter Head & Envelope

Target Audience

Current Students and Recent Grads

Differences from our Competition

We have a very unique business model and our company is a 1/3 Job Board; 1/3 Career Center; and a 1/3 Staffing agency.

Were a 1/3 Job Board because unlike our competitors in the staffing industry we have 100% full disclosure on all of our job descriptions unlike our competitors. We include the pay, location and the name (and detailed profile) of each company thats hiring for any particular position. Competition Monster.com

Were 1/3 Career Center because were the only staffing company that strictly focuses on students and recent graduates and all of our jobs are entry level and meant for students and recent grads.

Were 1/3 Staffing agency (not a job board) because of our process when students or grads apply for jobs through us there is actually a whole staff behind the website looking to help that student or grad get the job. Competition Kelly Services


Student and recent grads love us! Most all of the people who hear about us; hear about us because their friends are telling them about this great resource they found and/or got a job through us.

We like:

Were a fresh, exciting and fun company (yet professional) and we definitely give off that vibe when we interact with student and recent grads.

Wed like the design to be edgy and show how we truly sympathize with the recent grads ourselves because CampusPoint is largely run by recent grads.

Were looking for a balanced amount of white space

Creative use of typography to bring attention to the key marketing messages

Must Haves:

You have full creative license to do whatever your mind can dream up! Wed like the marketing materials to be in sync and play off each other.

Our Company logo must be used and unaltered. If youd like to mimic it for other text:

o Font: Georgia

o Light Drop Shadow

o Inner Bevel is used to make the letters pop

The colors in our logo must remain the same and preferably the colors are used throughout the projects.

o PMS #2935 for the royal blue in Campus

o PMS #279 for the light blue in Point

CampusPoint is ONE word and the C and P are always capitalized (even when listing out our website)



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