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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Bondi Produce is a family owned and operated wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier. We've been serving restaurants, retail chains, and various institutions for over 30 years.

What do you need?

We need two deliverables:

1. A stationery package.

A standard letterhead, envelope, and business card. The logo and some additional vector icons are provided. For the business card we're looking for something with the logo and any ancillary graphics on one side and contact info on the other.

2. A bi-fold presentation folder.

This folder is going to be stuffed with a price list and some informational inserts and will be a primary sales material used by our salesmen so its important that this folder is attractive looking when its sitting on a chef or restaurant manager's desk.

The front of the folder needs to have the logo. It can also say I have no preference for what else is used in the background, but I did have an idea to use old wooden crate textures in the background on the cover.

The inside left of the folder will have a lightbox for text. We will likely have a little about us blurb, use this example for design purposes:

"You don't have to go far for fresh.

From our door to yours, Bondi Produce has been an established brand in produce distribution for over 30 years. Our mission has always been simple: provide the customer with fresh produce for the cheapest price possible.

For years respected chefs, restaurateurs, and foodservice executives have relied on us to deliver consistency, quality, and customer service with that family-owned feel that our customers have come to appreciate.

If that sounds like a relationship you want to be in, call us now and set up your first (order) date!"

The inside right of the folder does not need any text, but I would like to have a panoramic images the spans across both inside pages (i.e. an image of of lettuce field in california, closeups of assorted fruit and veg)

The back of the folder should be a continuation of the front. You may include the logo or the icons I have provided or any other ideas you may have. The onyl thing I require is our contact info on that side with facebook and twitter icons as well.

Who Is Your Audience?

These folders are mainly going out to chefs, restaurant managers, and chain executives. We'd like to give a solid first impression of a company that cares about not only produce, but design aesthetic too. If our print materials look stunning then we hope they believe our produce will look just as good too. We want nosy employees to stop in their tracks, tilt their head, and read our stuff if they see it lying around on a desk or in the kitchen. "Those guys at Bondi really have some sharp folders," they would say.


We Like These Examples

www.bondiproduce.com for the overall look and feel we are trying to go for.

We Absolutely Must Have

Fruits and vegetables in there somewhere so there is a visual cue of our product.

Contact info on the back

Logo in the front.




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