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Flyer Design - 4" x 6" (standard Postcard)

Not your average plain old flyer look. Designers looking for a simple job, please do not waste your time. I'm looking for design-conscious individuals looking for a fun and unique project.

We're going to need a double sided (front and back) full color design for a 4" x 6" standard sized first class mail postcard.

The design will be printed on C2S Cardstock Paper.

You will be required to design that deals with cartoon / illustrator type images .

Good Examples of some imagery / images you'll be required to design can be found by looking at the below:




Of course, these aren't the only images you'll be designing but it should give you some what of an idea of what kind of imagery we'll be using.

There will also be a 2" x 4" white block on the face of the flyer card for an address block in which the recipients address will be printed.

Front Side:

The front side will have our logo either on the top or on the bottom of the flyer (position it however you see fit depending on the way you design this concept)

Our logo should consist of the words "Breezy Fresh"

A possible font that we really like:



Use your own font and come up with something unique.

Things to include in the logo (possibilities)

1. A slight breeze look or wind flowing thru the logo

2. Flowers springing up from or around the logo (to signify a fresh flower scent)

3. Be creative! Design something unique!

Design Concept Front:

The concept is to show a clear sky with a few clouds. These clouds are to have happy faces.

There are to be colorful green hills with freeways and roads that are built on top of these hills, or that are built on top of them (like a road winding through hills, going up and down, twists etc)

On these freeways and roads, there are to be individual and unique cars. These cars are to also have faces on them. All these cars should be happy, but since each car is individually designed, each car should have a different facial expression. Look at the cars poster as an example of the different car designs.

The amount of cars depending on the way you design the flyer shouldn't be less than 3 on the front side.

Somewhere on the flyer, possibly in one of the unoccupied corners of the address block, please add a few houses, these houses should also have a face on them and they should be happy. Having about 2-4 houses will be fine. It just needs to look like a community of houses.

On the roads and freeways, there should be cars on them, but not to the point where it looks like its all Traffic. Keep it looking that the freeways are about 40-60% full (depending on the way you design it) There should be multiple freeway lanes and freeways that go different directions, but I don't need a design that showcases 20 different freeways/roads.

On the front of the postcard, I'll need the line: "keep your car and home smelling fresh all the time "

Use the Scooper Font for the above line


Please see attached word document for FULL INSTRUCTIONS! The detailed instructions are found within the word document!!!



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