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John Forrester


Thirteen-year old TALIS STORM and best friend MARA are out hunting in the swamplands. They know its dangerous, but Talis is determined to hunt a boar. They find a boar but it injures Mara. Talis takes her to a healer. He blames himself and vows not to go hunting again.
Even though Maras family is angry at Talis, Mara sneaks out to see if after she is recovered. She is hungry and wants to have dumpling soup at Fiskars Market. Mara wants to pray at the temple to improve their luck at an upcoming Blood Dagger competition. Mara says that they should pray to Zagros, God of the Underworld. Talis follows to the dark shrine on the edge the Naru. Talis does his offering but has a dark vision a demon staring at him.
Talis and Mara fight RIKAR and NIKULO in the Blood Dagger competition. Rikar taunts Talis, tricks him in the fight, but Talis lands a surprise blow and wins.
On the eve of a surprise attack by their allies, the Jiserian Empire, Talis vows to save his city. Their enemies use dark sorcery and necromancy. When a flying sorcerer attacks, Talis produces fire magic for the first time. A fellow apprentice kills the sorcerer and loses control over her magic and explodes, killing many around her.
Talis and Mara are chased into temple crypts by Jiserian sorcerers. Mara prays to the Goddess Nestria, and the Goddess listens, summoning a sleeping champion from his grave. The champion destroys the sorcerers and gives Talis an ancient map. The map leads them on quest to find a lost temple of the sun, a temple so powerful, it offers a gift of magic that may be their only hope of winning the war.
As Talis leaves, his father gives him a treasured family heirloom: a short sword imbued with fire magic. At the end of their first day trekking north across the Nalgoran Desert, theyre attacked by Jiserian necromancers and a horde of undead soldiers. The party is outnumbered. When a necromancer approaches, Talis strikes her down with his magical sword. A mist descends and the party is assaulted on all fronts. Their leader is stabbed, shocked by electrical blasts, and killed. In desperation, Rikar says a prayer that Talis barely hears while holding up a ruby. A shadow portal appears, and a mysterious sorcerer slays the undead horde in a single blast. He opens a crack into the Underworld, and banishes the necromancers. The sorcerer disappears into the shadow portal.
They are alone. Talis and Mara and Nikulo want to return to Naru. Rikar takes charge and insists they should go on. They continue their journey north, picking up the remains of the bags and horses.
They enter the cold northern Elbegurian Forest. The trail through a mountain pass has been closed because of a rockslide, so they have to go through a thick forest. They are attacked by enormous spiders hiding in the trees. Mara is poisoned and paralyzed. They are surrounded. Talis creates a fire explosion, saving them, setting the forest aflame.
Mara is cured using Nikulos magic. They continue north and reach the Inn at Blansko. Talis talks with two beautiful girls his age, refugees from the Jiserian assault on their city. Mara is jealous and rude. They learn from the girls that Khael, the city along the eastern coast, is allied with the Jiserians. The girls father asks to travel with them to Khael.
Several days from Blansko, a storm assaults the party and they are forced to seek shelter. They find a village filled with old people living in huts. They are kind and offer them respite from the storm. Exhausted, Talis sleeps and then wakes from a hideous cry. Outside, dark sorcerers have mesmerized the party and killed the girls father, a refugee from the west. Mara shoots the dark sorcerer, ASHTERA, in the throat. Ashtera is healed by the other sorcerers. Talis cuts her head off with his magical sword and kills the other sorcerers with out-of-control fire magic.
The girls are devastated at the loss of their father. Talis and Rikar promise to bring them safely to Khael to their relatives farm.
One night, Talis is awoken by a sound. Rikar is sneaking out of the camp. Talis follows him and sees Rikar talking with someone. They noticed Talis listening and confront him. The figure is Aurellia, a dark sorcerer and Rikars true master.
Days later, the party reaches Khael, a city along the sea. They say their goodbyes to the girls. They find passage onto a ship bound for the Island of Lorello. Far out at sea, they find out theyve been sold into slavery.

Size Info

Trim size: 6" x 9",
Page count: 154,
Interior type: Black and White,
Page color: White,
Spine width: 0.347"

Target Audience

Who are your readers?

Children age 9 to 14 (Middle-grade). Fantasy readers. Likes Adventure and action and danger. Likes to reader Eragon, Ranger's Apprentice, Lightning Thief (Rick Riordan's books)

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

1. Thirteen-year-old boy (Talis) is a fire mage, powerful, fire in his hands
2. Set against a backdrop of a desert city set on a jutting hill, stones, towers, arena, tall walls, double layered defenses, medieval but high-learning and culture.
3. Adventure and action and mysterious (dark theme, darker tones)

Style and Content

What colors do you want to see in your design?

1. Fire red
2. Gold like the sun
3. Earth-tones found in a stone city surrounded by desert and swamplands (city is situated in a vast oasis in the desert)
4. Twilight hues of color

What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?

Avoid greens, greys, muted colors, avoid boring primary colors, use unique colors that stand out but don't look overused.

Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

Medieval, epic, action, fantasy:

Rick Riordan's covers:
(especially the Red Pyramid. Also the Lost Hero, Throne of Fire )

Ranger's Apprentice covers:

Witch & Wizard - The Fire:
(either flaming fire text for "Fire Mage" or a flaming explosion of fireballs from a boy mage)

Keys to the Demon Prison - Fablehaven
(but not this kind of armor. he's a kid mage, his power is in his hands his magic)

What content must be included in your design?

Series title: "Blacklight Chronicles, Book One"
(smaller weight)

Book title: "Fire Mage"
(large, bold weight)

Author: "John Forrester"
(medium weight)



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