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Author's Name

Matt Heppe


Hadde of Landomere is a huntress who has sworn to protect and provide for her people. But when the Wasting brings famine and destruction upon the peaceful forest, she must leave Landomere to seek aid from Boradin, the elementar-king of Salador.

Unlike Hadde's egalitarian homeland, Salador is a highly stratified, male-dominated world of politics, war, and deceit, teeming with its own problems--not the least of which is the Wasting. Hadde finds herself trapped in Salador when the king refuses to let her go home. He believes her to be part of a prophecy that will end the Wasting and secure his hold on power. Hadde's unlikely romance with the king's brother and political rival, Morin, entangles Hadde in a web of Saladoran scheming.

When a trusted lieutenant tells Morin the location of an ancient magical artifact, the Orb of Creation, he and Hadde escape the king's keep in hopes of recovering it. Unfortunately, the lieutenant leads them into a trap. Akinos, wielder of the Orb, uses its power to transform Morin into an eternal knight--a nearly immortal slave soldier. Upon his transformation, Morin discovers that the very existence of eternals is causing the Wasting. He tells Hadde that only the death of Akinos can end the Wasting and return him to human form.

A climactic battle between King Boradin and Akinos ends when Hadde slays Akinos. Morin, still an eternal, leaves Hadde to pursue the Orb of Creation, the only thing he ever truly desired. Hadde returns to Landomere to find that Morin at least spoke one truth: Akinos' death has ended the Wasting and saved her people.

Size Info

Trim size: 6" x 9",
Page count: 306,
Interior type: Black and White,
Page color: Cream,
Spine width: 0.765"

Target Audience

Who are your readers?

Fantasy novel readers age 14 through adult. Both male and female readers. The novel is an epic fantasy.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

The story is epic in scope. It is a serious story, not a light fantasy. Hope in the face of doom.

Style and Content

What colors do you want to see in your design?

I have attached a document that explains a lot of the colors and symbols in the novel. Red, light blue, dark green, silver/white, and gold/yellow.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?

Nothing fluorescent.

Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

Medieval or Renaissance. Bold.

What content must be included in your design?

Front cover: Eternal Knight, Matt Heppe

Back cover:
Hadde of Landomere is a huntress who has sworn to protect and provide for her people. But when the Wasting brings famine and destruction, she must leave the forest of Landomere to seek aid in the distant Kingdom of Salador.

Haddes mission is fraught with peril. Silver-eyed warriors assail her, brigands wait in ambush, and even the Saladorans pose their own dangers.

The return of the Orb of Creation and an unlikely alliance with a Saladoran prince transform Haddes mission from one to save her village to one to save the world.



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