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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Stephen Thomson is a writer, teacher and metaphysician based in San Diego, CA, with over twenty-years experience leading retreats and spiritual journeys, as well as offering workshops on spiritual practices. Some of the topics Steve has taught include expansion of the psychic senses, meditation, the Tarot, Numerology, the Kabbala, and exploration of easternmystical traditions and practices. Steve writes a monthly column. His book, The Secret Key, a primer for developing psychic ability, is available through Amazon.com

From the Introduction of the book:

The content of this book represents part of my own spiritual process - reprints of some of the columns I have written over the last two years. Each of the essays are the integration of spiritual information I received as a part of my spiritual process through study, meditation and writing. There always seems to be a pattern to my writing that reflects my need to understand the world, the place I hold and my relationship with the Divine. In that way, these essays represent what I have been learning and thinking about as I moved through the world over these last two years. They are the things that I have been processing, and then asking myself the hard questions, as I journey deeper into who I am and the nature of my being. Over the years I learned one the best ways for me to do this kind of processing has been through writing, most often in the form of my journal. This book is an extension of that process and a way for me to share my spiritual self-talk in a meaningful and supportive way.

My intention for creating this compilation is simple. I wanted to provide a way to support anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with whomever or whatever they believe to be the source of life. There really is no beginning to this part of the journey and, certainly the only ending is the one that comes with our final breath. To make a conscious effort to move what is intellectual and somewhat abstract about this relationship for us, to a place of first-hand knowing, is central to our earthly experience. This represents the challenge we all face each day in understanding the events of our lives, our responses and the true nature of incarnate life.

What do you need?

Cover design for this book. It needs to refect the spiritual nature of the contect of this book.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience is 80% woman and 20% men. The age range is 40+.
They are people interested in spiritual topics and self-help.


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Title: Essays on Attaining Spiritual Self-Mastery A Book for Meditation, Prayer, and Journaling
ISBN-10: 1452808872
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