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Business Info

Business Name

Energy4Evolution Ltd

What do you do?

We are a renewable energy company, specialized in solar installations for C&I (commercial and industrial) properties. Energy4Evolution Ltd is the UK subsidiary of an Italian EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). We design, install, operate and maintain turn key solar plants. We started expanding in the UK, with plans to enter into other markets in the next 2 years (targets: India, Brasil, US).

How many pages of print design do you need?


List the size requirement(s) for your print design

A4 ideally

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Renewable energy: solar

Describe the target audience for your print design

Real Estate Investment Trusts, Bluechip companies, Property Companies, Owners of Commercial and Industrial buildings, Investment Funds dedicated to renewable energy, Solar Developers, Housing Associations, Facility Managers, Investors

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your print design?

Energy4Evolution can supply turn key solar plants for any Commercial, Industrial, Residential building in the UK.

We are an EPC working in a DEPCOM model:

- D evelopment: we develop the opportunity, prepare all the planning and permitting phase
- E ngineering: we design the solar plant
- P rocurement: we procure the equipment, sourcing from Tier 1 suppliers
- C onstruction: we install and
- O peration: we control the plant via telemetry system
- M aintenance: we maintain the plant to keep it in the best function

We have a track record of >10 MWp installed so far, in multi-MWp plants.

Style and Concept

What print design styles do you like?

I am attaching two alternative models that I would like to apply.

The first one is Scatec: international EPC, the model we would like to follow (what we want to become)
The second one is Palmers Capital: a real estate investment fund (our typical customer)

What colors do you want to see in your print design?

Green and blue, like our logo (check energy4e.com - which is also being re-designed)

What colors do you NOT want to see in your print design?

No particular problem

What adjectives should best describe your print design?

Professional, appealing, tell-me-more, enticing, creative, REMARKABLE.

Help us to stand out from the crowd !

How will you use the print design?

As a brochure, in conferences, meetings, exhibitions, email campaigns..

What content must be included in the print design?

It will be text and pictures (uploaded). We have attached a few pictures of large installations, for your reference, along with the old brochure of the parent company - presentazione FotoLogo.pdf (which shows how badly we need a redesign !)

We expect a graphical structure, in which we would like to insert the text.
The pages should be as follows:

1 - Cover
2 - Presentation of the company: Management, Directors, Mission and Values
3 - Track record (some large installations) + customers' brands
4 - Presence in the Value chain and business model
5 - Range of products / services
6 - Range of customers
7 - Inspiring pictures with tagline
8 - Contacts



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