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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The Jellyvision Lab is the Interactive Conversation Company, known for creating the hit game YOU DONT KNOW JACK. We create highly interactive, rich media experiences to communicate complex subjects in a simple, engaging way. Using the dynamic branching architecture of Conversation, we first ask questions of each participant and then, in real time, tailor how we respond and educate. You know, like a really good teacher. We are delighted to be working with a roster of awesome clients to create award winning solutions. Visit www.jellyvisionlab.com for more information and for stuff to click on.

What do you need?

We need a really talented graphic designer to come up with a conceptual design for an eBook we've written to help HR professionals better explain healthcare benefits to their employees. Then we need that person to do the layout and art for the ebook and deliver it as a PDF file for us to use in our own marketing efforts.

Were going to syndicate, or make available, this content to HR Professionals who are searching for resources by key words Employee benefits communication, decision support education etc. Certain sites will make available an abstract of our eBook as well as the cover page image. If its enticing to the viewer, they will have to register by providing their information (aka become a lead) and then they get to download the eBook. This effort is really about capturinh leads for Jellyvisions Benefits Counselor business: (www.jellyvisionbenefitcounselor.com)

Who Is Your Audience?

This eBook is for HR Professionals and Benefit Administrators who are trying to help their employees deal with the fact that health insurance continues to get more complicated, more expensive and more the employees problem to solve each year. It is serious business, this decision support arena. Because failure to properly educate employees costs employers, and the employees themselves, potentially billions in wasted or unexpected healthcare costs. We should keep in mind that our readers arent looking to be amused, per se, but rather to learn tips and strategies about how to arm employees with the information they need to make good choices. That said, we will win them over, and attract leads more likely to buy, if we show that we educate by having humor, wit, and a conversational tone.


We Like These Examples

The eBook, like Jellyvision, should vibe like a breath of fresh air clever fresh air in a sea of jargon. Put away the corporate stock photography of the smiling, suit wearing multicultural executives chatting over a laptop and the corporate clip art. This is about trying to convey a clearer, more human approach to communication that reflects the way people actual think, talk, and learn.
In terms of persona, think clever, quirky, earnest, and humble vs. flashy or innovative. Not slick. Not sleek. But intimate and charming. This shouldnt be wildly ironic or aggressive (shattering the status quo) but rather, hey, together we can stop the madness.

We Absolutely Must Have

The color taupe. Taupe can go to hell.



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