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Who are you?

Anchor Point Films
We make documentary films.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

We need a DVD case cover and the DVD artwork for for a documentary we are making on health. The documentary shares health through the centuries starting with the Egyptians. Then it moves onto the gladiators and their eating habits. After that it goes on to modern cultures that live the longest. A large part of the documentary is about eating plant based or vegan since these kind of people are the longest living people in the world.

It shows how Gladiators were vegan, The oldest dynasties of the Egyptians were more plant based and they lived better than the later dynasties who ate more animal products and also today's longest living people are plant based.

Who Is Your Audience?

The general public, but mainly those who might be interested in health or living longer.


We Like These Examples

We like clean and not busy covers.

We Absolutely Must Have

The title: Ancient Health

8 lifestyle secrets of earths longest living people that have helped reverse disease, enhance health, brain function, and longevity.



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