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Project Description:

Design a book cover for James Bradley's next book: The China Mirage

The China mirage was Americas humanitarian view of its mission in China from the 1870s to the 1950s: to nurture uncivilized, childish China onto a democratic, American-inspired future.

Please study the author's two most recent book covers: The Imperial Cruise (attached), and Flyboys (attached).

The China Mirage cover imagery should be the Statue of Liberty holding a Chinese baby modeled upon the attached "Lady Liberty holding Chinese Baby" sketch from the 1870's.

(Note: This is the "idea" but not the "style." Lady Liberty has a dated/old look and the Chinese baby is hideous with devil eyes and gross feet.)

Make the baby attractive, big eyes, Chinese baby cute, white clothes.

Make the Statue of Liberty stylized like the past two book covers. She should look kindly and modern in the style of the ship on The Imperial Cruise cover: the ship is from 1905, but looks invitingly modern.

The book cover should contain the following:

1) Text:


New York Times #1 bestselling author

Flags of Our Fathers Flyboys The Imperial Cruise

2) Text:


From 19th century opium to 20th century McCarthyism


Statue of Liberty holding Chinese baby

Colors should be Blue & Gold with Heroic Clouds behind

The Lady Liberty is the "Mother" the Chinese baby is the "Daughter"

Attached are some images of Chinese babies with the following related commentary:

like the innocence of the faces.

like the silk clothes

don't like clunky shoes

don't like the unnaturally long sleeves, which will turn off an American audience.

fabulous innocence

nice cotton

great shoes


Colors and design that evoke:




Flags of Our Fathers (the Clint East wood cover)

Flyboys (note the deep Pacific blues and the sunrise)

The Imperial Cruise (note the blues and the stylized ship)



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