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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Town Square Television is the local community cable TV station in a 7-city suburban area just outside St. Paul, MN. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. We televise (and web stream) about 1,500 uniquely local video programs each year. Please visit www.townsquare.tv for a complete picture of who we are.

What do you need?

two-sided full color insert page that will be clipped inside the front cover of DVD cases

4 5/8" wide
7 1/4" high

to be printed on 32-lb. paper (probably glossy paper)

We sell DVD copies of our programs. We will have a supply of these insert pages printed and we will clip them in the inside covers of DVD cases as we ship out throughout the year. We are in our graduation rush season right now, will be assembling 1,200 DVD's to ship on June 25th to families of high school graduates. After that this same piece will be used over the course of the next 12 months. Outside of graduation season our biggest seller is high school sports ("Game of the Week").

Who Is Your Audience?

People who purchase DVD's: families and parents of high school graduates, high school athletes and their parents, and a variety of community members who purchase copies of our music, sports, history, news, and community celebrations (parades, queen coronations, etc.) Two major products are "The Era of the South St. Paul Stockyards Documentary" and "Looking Back at Local History with Bill Wolston Box Set." These two items should be mentioned in the copy promoting buying additional DVD's.

We want to give the impression that we are a friendly and appreciative service organization who appreciates the support we get from people buying DVD's. We are also high tech and high quality and provide great service.

Message: We want to thank them for their support, ENCOURAGE THEM TO BUY MORE DVD's, and tell them how to buy more DVD's. Within the limited space we have, we'd like to educate them on two things: 1) how their support helps us fulfill our mission, and 2) the many ways they can support us (one of which is by buying more DVD's). See our "donate" page on our web site for the information needed for this copy. If room we could have a form for someone to order a DVD by mail by sending in the form with a check. A form is available on our web site as a model.


We Like These Examples

We like the fresh, light colored backgrounds, bright colors that connote fun, happy, cheery. (See our multicolored version of our logo.) We like the incorporation of photo(s) if possible.

This design should coordinate with the outside cover of the DVD cases: one-color (black) ink on a background in shades of our Pantone purple color 267U. (see photo img4768). This design should also coordinate with the design we print on the DVD disks themselves, which uses an abstract portion of our multi color logo.

This design may include our multicolor logo but is not required to use it. Or the design may include our one-color silhouette version of our logo. We have the logo available in many formats if needed. The fonts used in our logo are AmeriGarimand BT and Akzidenz Grotesk BE. These are available from us if needed. Sometimes we "fake" these with Times New Roman for the name and Arial for the tag line.

We Absolutely Must Have

Town Square Television

Use your own terminology but these are the main points:
Thank you for your support!
By purchasing a DVD you are supporting Town Square Television's mission!
We have a complete online catalog of our DVD inventory at www.townsquare.tv.
You can purchase DVD's online or by sending in a form and check.
Do you have your keepsake copies of "Looking Back at Local History with Bill Wolston Box Set" and "The Era of the South St. Paul Stockyards Documentary?"
Your support helps us do many good things in the community [see our donate page for copy on this].
You can support us in many ways [see our donate page for copy on this].
An order form would be nice if there's room.
(We realize space is limited and all of these points may not fit.)



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