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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a german manufacturer of professional Video Products.

What do you need?

For one of our brands within the CCTV industry we are looking for some new ideas for our product catalogue layout. We need a nice clean layout for the product specification tables and various examples of editorial pages as templates to pick from.

An Indesign CS3 file with previous layouts is submitted to play with.

The catalogue will be in 4 colour and will be all landscape in Format. The format of one page is 210mm x 280mm. The open format is 210mm x 560mm

Technical Info about the product tables:
The tables are generated automatically from a database publishing system. So we can not make individual or changing designs per product or column.

Ideally the creative will set the table parameters within the templates and libraries (the *.indl and *.indt files). There are up to 8 products that fit on a page and about 20 to 25 attributes per product. Each product has an image, an article Number and a type. These must stand on top of the tables.

The general page background such as header, footer, repeated logo, etc is set within the *.indt file.

Editorial pages:
Next to the tables there could be some editorial about new products, services or about the brand eneo in general. This could be a full, half or quarter page. Please make various suggestions with fictious texts and images, so we can choose from these these as templates for our editorial texts.

Attached are also some design examples, colours and the font and the eneo logo. The logo is originally orange and black but in printed design we are going to use an orange/grey version, because the black is too hard a contrast.

You can find product pictures within the Indesign zip. If you want to layout with more product pictures please download them from the website (www.eneo-security.com ). Simply browse to the product you want and choose HiRes Product Image in the download section at the end of the page.

Who Is Your Audience?

The Catalogue is used by technically experienced installers, system integrators and dealers. It is not meant for end users. This means that a very functional design is needed, allowing the reader to quickly compare the products by features and pick the right product for his application. So it is not really a catalogue that msut sell, but merely a product comparison guide.


We Like These Examples

Feel free

We Absolutely Must Have

- Layout for the pages background as a framework for the tables and editorial pages.
- Layout for the product tables
- Various layouts for editorial pages as templates
- If the creative can set all the parameters within the Indesign templates and libraries it will earn extra points, which maybe decides the winner in the end.



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