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Business Info

Business Name

Atrax LLC

What do you do?

Help Adoptees and Genealogists Use DNA Testing to Discover and Confirm Birth Parents, Siblings, and Other Ancestors. I do this through my web site www.DNA-Testing-Adviser.com presentations, and now the book I have written about my personal search and use of DNA testing.

How many pages of print design do you need?

I need a front cover, back cover and spine as a single PDF with embedded fonts that meets the publishing requirements of Createspace.

List the size requirement(s) for your print design

This is to be a standard 6X9 paperback book. Tentatively 220 interior pages, which suggests a spine width of 0.495 inches. See http://bit.ly/gxKXlW for details.Allow space for ISBN barcode in the lower right-hand corner of the book's back cover.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

I run a web site to educate adoptees and genealogists about the various DNA tests and help them choose the best tests for their situation and objectives.

Describe the target audience for your print design

Adoptees, birth parents, and others uncertain of their parentage. Females are somewhat more likely than males to be actively searching for biological families. Most are in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Genealogists also are interested in genetic genealogy tests. Lovers of mysteries and memoirs would be broadest audeince.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your print design?

The book is mix of memoir and self-help guide.By sharing my adoption search tips, especially my innovative use of DNA testing, I hope to communicate these things:

1. Adoptees and others of unknown or uncertain parentage CAN discover the truth about their biological relationships by using the right DNA test, even if they have nothing else to go on.
2. The authors search and reunion experience is a compelling, human-interest story even without the scientific breakthrough.
3. The author is the go-to person for adoptees and others seeking to find lost relatives or confirm suspected relationships.

Style and Concept

What print design styles do you like?

I like designs that are not overly busy. I want the title and subhead to clearly stand out with no competing images behind the text.

What colors do you want to see in your print design?

A small recurring element in my personal story is my association with Michigan State University. If possible, I would like to see the school's green (PMS 567) used somewhere on the cover, possible as an accent color. But it should be subtle, not overwhelming. I will attach a file that provides the CMYK and RGB color codes.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your print design?

Avoid the use of my college's chief rival: "maize and blue." In other words, don't use dark blue and bright yellow. I would also avoid any overly loud colors. I want this print design to support the title and subtitle but not overwhelm them.

What adjectives should best describe your print design?

The design needs to do two things: 1. It needs to express the concept of lost family, e.g. birth mother, birth father, or siblings perhaps through some kind of vague or partly obscured human or human-like images. But it should not show any specific face. The reader should be able to think of their lost family, not just mine. 2. It also needs to tie in some image that is generally associated with DNA. But it should NOT look like a text book.

How will you use the print design?

This will form the covers and spine of my book. I may also reproduce the front cover image on marketing materials, including bookmarks.

What content must be included in the print design?

Title: Finding Family.
Subtitle: How DNA Testing Solved the Mystery of My Birth.
Author: Richard H. Hill.

Back cover should allow for marketing text currently in development. Expect two reviewer quotes. Also allow for brief author bio and photo.

Back cover text may not be available until after design is chosen. Will write to fit.



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