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Let me tell you about us:

Goddess Spirits LLP is introducing a family of 7 non-alcoholic, carbonated Martini products:

Goddess Martini

Goddess Lemon Drop Martini

Goddess Cosmo Martini

Goddess Manhattan Martini

Goddess Apple Martini

Goddess Blue Hawaiian Martini

Goddess Chocolate Martini.

Each of these will be packaged in a 6.8 oz can. The can is manufactured by www.ball.com and can be seen here: http://www.ballamericas.com/page.jsp?pag....

Here is what we need:

We need a label design for each can. The label will need nutritional disclosures similar to what is found on a can of RedBull energy drink. The design will need to incorporate the attached Goddess logo, but in the color of your choice.

Our target audience is:

The audience for this product is anyone who wants to appear to be drinking, typically in a bar environment but does not want to ingest alcohol. For example, to get a non-alcoholic version of a Lemon Drop, customers will ask for a Goddess Lemon Drop. To get a non-alcoholic Martini, the bar customer asks for a Goddess Martini.

Some bar patrons will prefer non-alcoholic drinks because of health problems, prior DUI issues, or because they already had a couple of drinks and need to drive. Our research shows that men who drink alcohol socially earn salaries that are on the average 10% higher than men who do not. This number is 14% for women. This is the reason that bar patrons will choose a Goddess Martini product in a Martini glass over ice water in a plain water glass.

Our design absolutely must have:

The design must convey a feeling that this product is a real Martini, that it has real value, that it is traditional, that it is expensive, that it tastes great, and that it has been around for a long time. It must also convey that it is to be served in a traditional Martini glass.

Please use the supplied logo.



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