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We are a small winery, developing a brand and visual identity for a new line of bag-in-box wines that we are starting to produce. The wines are very good quality, very drinkable and friendly, appealing to a broad market. We are looking at marketing these wines in grocery stores at entry-level prices among the bag-in-box wine category.

We are asking for both a name AND a visual identity. The visual identity that were asking you for is for a 5-liter box, probably rectangular for best fit in a refrigerator or on a pantry shelf, but were also looking into the feasibility of a cubed-shaped box (dont worry about the shaped too much, well adjust our design for manufacturability).

We need a simple and fresh look, eye-catching and easily extensible as the product line will grow. To start with, there will be three wines in three colors white, pink and red. The intent is that later we would add more wines to the line; so the same look must be kept with each wine being identifiable by a dominant color or other identity element.

The name (or some close form of it) must be available and must be useable as a website address as well. ONLY SUBMISSIONS WITH UNCLAIMED OR AVAILABLE (at reasonable prices) DOMAIN NAMES WILL BE CONSIDERED. We will register the winning name before picking the winner here. Dot-com is preferred, but any visually and/or phonetically pleasing domains will be considered.

Ours is a very competitive market, with some very large brands very well-established. We feel that the name and look of our boxes will be critical in getting shoppers to want to give us a try. The industry usually agrees that it must be made very obvious to shoppers that it is a box of WINE. We encourage you to go down to your local grocery store and look at bag-in-box wines: there is usually a glass or a picture of a bottle of the box. We feel there must be a prettier way to communicate this information while being just as quickly understandable.

We would prefer one word or very short names, probably evoking wine somehow (we thought of Yn not, but were really not sure). We also thought of Fridge because these would normally be drunk chilled; but again, were not sold on it.

We feel that there are too many cute animals on wine bottle. Our first thoughts were along the lines of paintings of the mid-XXth century (Rothko, Mondrian, etc.), which have the merit of providing a color-oriented packaging allowing color-coding of each wine type.

Weve also been thinking that we may need a series of pre-set graphics, such as a variety of black silhouettes to position on top of the colors, which would allow us to decline our wines into several products.

Im sharing our preliminary thoughts with you so that you can understand us better, not to tell you what to think. Were very open to all creative proposals that will hold together. Youre the designers, not us!

Keep in mind that printing costs are going to be a concern for us, so any recommendation on keeping them low will be welcome (few colors, tints, etc.).

Weve observed that some other Crowdspring users had the same dilemma we have, whether to separate the competition for the name from the competition for the box visual. As they did, we also feel that both must work together, and thats the reason were keeping them together, but please, dont use names submitted by another creative, that would not be fair play.

Good luck! If anyone needs more information and wishes to get our first impression on a name before putting in a lot of hours of work, feel free to shoot us a PM.



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