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Corrado Cutlery began in 1905, and for 99 years was Chicagos premier retailer of fine cutlery and gifts as well as one of its oldest stores. Corrados closed in 2004 but is contemplating a comeback. I am putting together a business plan and would like to include an color artists rendition of a possible mall store front look on a sheet with a logo and a close up "illustration" of a display window. These stores will be in high end malls.

The files attached here show a (very poor) rough-out of what I am thinking of, as well as a montage of old Corrado images to use as inspiration for design concepts.

What I envision would be a color drawing showing the storefront in a mall setting with a little of neighboring stores on the sides, with a few people in the mix maybe looking in the window or in the store.

Here are some specifics for each element:

Storefront: Old world-ish look, wood, medium dark (rich), old English or European style mens shop, shave shop , etc. Maybe some raised panels in the look Re: The drawing included: the lower portion of the windows are the window displays 2 shelves with display trays (the little humps) with a large Swiss Army knife in the center of the left window and a big shaving brush in the right, there are also some mirrors on the right. The top portion of the windows is looking into the store and seeing wall displays in the back (I have no sense of depth in my drawing). The trays have various products on them they can just be hinted at in the drawing.

Logo: Typeface used here is Footlight MT light. I am open to other faces but, generally, like this look. The copy is Corrado Cutlery (in leading cap and small caps); Since 1905 (all caps); Knives-Nippers-Scissors-Gifts-Optical Goods; (this last line should have bullets between the words and be all caps).

Display Window: should give impression of the product line best as possible in this context (I understand this wont be fully detailed). Use the old windows in the photo montage for inspiration.

Product lines sold are: Kitchen knives and accessories, Scissors and manicure items and sets, Swiss Army products, hunting and pocket knives, shaving and personal care items including mirrors and after shaves and colognes (some bottles in the window would be good), and optical goods (binoculars and magnifying glasses).

I know this may be a tall order but appreciate as nice a job as I can get. The nicer it looks the more effective it will be in helping sell the concept. This is a fun, classy, cool store. Have fun with the project!




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