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Denise Dixon


This story begins with a skyjacking by a passenger, onboard a flight from Boston to Seattle. The identity is later revealed to be that of an ex-boyfriend of one of the flight attendants, Dixie, and a friend of her boyfriend and future husband, Marceau. NOTE: The story is based on the 1971 unsolved skyjacking by D.B. Cooper. The story flashes back to reveal the journey from the beginning of Dixie's flight attendant career to the skyjacking. Additional characters are introduced: Joanie, Dante, Mitch, Marceau Honey and Jack. History, by way of a story line, is provided for each character, including Dixie and the chance meetings that evolve into life-long friendships, second chance love and revenge. The story ends with Marceau trying to protect Dixie when unbeknownst, to him, Dixie takes charge of her own life, tracks down and exacts revenge on the skyjacker, Dante, with the help of Honey. The theme of the story is inspired by a poem written by Peter Paton: ...nothing is by coincidence in this world; what we see is not all that is happening; unseen forces are at work everywhere; sewing the threads of pre-ordained design; hidden from view before time.The main character is DIxie, flight attendant, fearless and strong-willed, southerner. She has survived the death of her childhood sweetheart, killed in the military, after 3 months of marriage, following college graduation. She is looking for a new life. She is loving and honest but can be ruthless, when crossed. She is single, based in Chicago. The supporting character is her roommate, Joanie. They met in Flight Attendant Training, Atlanta. Joanie became a flight attendant to help pay for law school. She is from Florida. She is reserved, tenacious, honest and a fierce advocate for women. She is single and based in Chicago. Dante is a film, stunt man/daredevil and college friend of Marceau. He is a fierce competitor with Marceau but has been forced to rely on him for employment opportunities, in the film industry. He is ruthless, controlling and calls home anywhere he is on location. He is single. Mitch is a criminal defense attorney who practices law in Miami. His clients are not always on the right side of the law, but have unlimited financial resources, which feed his lifestyle. He has a heart of gold and used to love the law. He is single. Marceau is a film producer/director. He is passionate, honest and loving. He has survived the death of a long time girl friend and has given up on finding love. He is dedicated to his craft. He is single and financially successful. He has homes in his native France and Los Angeles. Honey is a flight attendant, who trained with Dixie and Joanie in Atlanta. She is based in Miami. She is fearless, self-sufficient and jaw dropping beautiful. She can be ruthless, when crossed. She can count the number of female friends on one hand, before Dixie. She is single. Jack is a film executive with a major studio and Marceau's best friend. He lives in Los Angeles and is financially successful. He has multiple ex-wives, and can be ruthless, when crossed, but everyone loves Jack. He is single.The main scene, the skyjacking, takes place on an airplane. Other important scene locations include Marceau's homes and his boat.

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There are no such things as coincidences. Second chances do happen. Faith can move mountains.

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subtitle-A tortured flight attendant tracks down her skyjacker to dish revenge!



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