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Bruce Flareau, MD Joanne Bohn and Colin Konschak


Accountable Care Organizations: A Roadmap for Success, presents a culmination of important and timely issues being dealt with by healthcare providers, physician practices, insurers, and government agencies with regard to the movement for establishing accountable care organizations. The past decade has provided tremendous insights based on demonstrations and pilot projects related to healthcare quality and payment reform and led our nation to this point of transition in healthcare delivery system reform. The authors have examined a number of issues and pertinent literature from healthcare germane material, regulatory guidance, and historical legislation to support ideas and concepts presented. A number of models and illustrations are provided for readers to convey visually the underlying and most critical issues being discussed.

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Trim size: 8" x 10",
Page count: 237,
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Healthcare Executives, Healthcare Leaders, Healthcare Managers, Health Policy Experts, Physicians, Nurses

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1. This book is all about Accountable Care Organizations
2. You'll get the Strategy to succeed
3. You'll get the Tactical approach necessary for success

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open to all color options

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any styles are appreciated

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None. Authors are thinking a play on the "roadmap" may be interesting, but not mandatory



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