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Cynthia J. Pratte


9 Months On, 9 Weeks Off is a compilation of current research and OB-endorsed strategies that go beyond the superficial black book-style tips and tricks. Strategies that can save you dozens of pounds of harmful pregnancy weight.

This book serves as a guide to enable healthy moms with uncomplicated pregnancies to reach their pre-pregnancy weight in a matter of weeks, not months, postpartum without compromising their own or their baby's health.

The book chronicles the author's real-life "wild ride" up the pregnancy scale and back down again for the third time in a plucky, humorous, conversational (as well as confessional) style, while engaging the reader on a front that generates intense interest and an almost OCD-like focus for many women - their pregnancy weight gain - and addresses this touchy subject with sensitivity, candor, logic and most importantly, a realistic plan for success.

Whereas other pregnancy guides tender-foot around the subject of weight with a lot of sympathy and leniency, 9 Months On, 9 Weeks Off challenges women with compelling new facts and workable, every-day strategies designed to enable women to take control of their pregnancy weight gain and to help themselves bounce right back after baby.


How to Lose your Pregnancy Weight FAST-- What to do from the very first trimester on and learn why this is so much more about your health and the health of your baby than vanity.

How the Cycle of Childhood and Maternal Obesity Starts During Pregnancy Learn what you can do while pregnant that can help you prevent your child (and you) from a life-long struggle with obesity and obesity-related diseases.

Why You ARE NOT Really Eating for Two How many additional calories do you really need to support your pregnancy? Most women are shocked to learn that they consume two to three times this number.

Find Out Where You Land on the Revised Pregnancy Weight GuidelinesYour doctor may not give you a specific number of pounds you should gain, but its in here. This book helps you figure out exactly what your ideal weight gain is for your frame and then lays out a plan for a speedy return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

How to Avoid Gaining 10 lbs. of Water Weight in the HospitalHow a simple request in the delivery or recovery room can save you from swelling, edema and breastfeeding issues.

How to Rev Up Your Weight Loss While Breastfeeding Is breastfeeding really the calorie incinerator we all think it is? What you can do to ensure that breastfeeding helps, not hinders your weight loss after baby.

. . . And many more invaluable tips to help you take the best care of your babys Momma as possible!

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Trim size: 5" x 8",
Page count: 77 (est),
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Page color: White,
Spine width: 0.173"

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Who are your readers?

Health-conscious expectant mothers, especially first-timers

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

Pregnancy, Health and Quick Weight Loss

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What colors do you want to see in your design?

White space, bold accent colors (see the red I have used) maybe also bright green, to tie into colors of the apple

What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?

I'd like to avoid too many colors, I prefer white space with bold color accents. I like the use of photographic imagery (see first iteration)

Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

Modern, clean, medical- scientific even, but still warm

What content must be included in your design?

Title, subtitle, author name, compelling photographic imagery - prefer to see the included istock file used so that the existing book online already for sale will not be a totally different cover, but a better, bolder, improved cover that looks great full size and thumbnail-- pop & legibility in the thumbnail is highly desirable.



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