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Creative brief

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Author's Name

C.A. Powell


Meeting Boudicca
Cartimandua encounters the Iceni Warrior Queen

Queen Boudicca is defeated. Her Iceni and other British allies are dead or fleeing from the vengeance of unmerciful Rome. The British rebellion is over. The beaten Iceni Warrior queen has gone into hiding and awaits her poison elixir which will aid her departure from life while the waiting druids wish to bury her in a secret place.

However, before Boudicca can complete her final and drastic act; a messenger arrives with news of a potential alliance. The Brigantes Queen Cartimandua may be able to offer a new pact against Rome. This is confusing because Cartimandua is loyal to Rome and has betrayed other Britons who fought Rome in the past.

Cartimandua is equally perplexed. She has no desire to aid Boudicca and fears the Iceni queen. Could both sovereigns be pawns in another participants’ ploy? To find the culprits of the conspiracy, Cartimandua chooses to indulge the inappropriate consultation of two very different British queens.

Size Info

Trim size: 5" x 8",
Page count: 317,
Interior type: Black and White,
Page color: White,
Spine width: 0.714"

Who are your readers?

Historical fans of the Roman Empire or Ancient Britain during the time of Roman Britain. Adults and students who enjoy history of fantasy.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your readers with this design?

The Roman Britain time period. Two different queens. A dark and mystical allurement.

What colors do you want to see in your design?

Plaid cloth, overcast dull skies - a tempestuous or stormy look - yet compelling.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your design?

Nothing bright or happy. Pink or purple - a big No.

Describe the style(s) you like (traditional, modern, etc.)

I like many styles, but I was hoping for something with a gothic feel. Dark woodlands, windswept, rocky moorlands of Britain, Plaid cloth if people are in image. I am open to something that gives a feel of Roman Britain and an uncertain future. If it can be done via traditional, modern or any other means it does not matter. I just need people to get the Roman Britain feel by looking at the cover.

What content must be included in your design?

The title : Meeting Boudicca
Sub title: Cartimandua of Brigantes Encounters the Iceni Warrior Queen

By C.A. Powell

The synopsis written upon the back.

NOTE: Please leave space for a 2" by 1.2" white box in the lower right-hand corner of the book's back cover for the ISBN barcode. Images or text in the barcode location will be covered when the book is printed. Make sure you don't have any important elements where the barcode will be placed. Visit CreateSpace for more tips on book cover sizing and requirements.

Brief updates

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This creative work is to be a book cover for a fictional novel