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Starts: 21-Sep-10 7:59 p.m. GMT

Ends: 4-Oct-10 7:59 p.m. GMT


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Project Overview

Penn Brewery has been producing high-end craft beers since 1986. The Penn lineup features authentic German-style beers brewed in the tradition of Pittsburgh’s German immigrants, according to the strict quality standards of Reinheitsgebot. Its great taste comes from real German hops and two-row barley, with no added corn or rice fillers.

We are looking for an attractive two-piece label design (body and neck labels) for one of our 12-oz. bottled brews, Penn Kaiser Pils.

Brand Positioning

"Penn is the brand of premium craft beer that gives me a sense of pride in my town of Pittsburgh. Among beer brands, Penn uniquely embodies the culture, heritage, and traditions of Pittsburgh. It is the only beer brand of size that is still produced in Pittsburgh, and it was the city’s first brand of craft beer.”

The brand’s tagline is “Penn Brewery. Pure. Pittsburgh.”

Brand Personality

Key words that describe Penn’s brand personality are: traditional, classic, authentic, “old world” (in a good way!), honest, the “real deal,” proud, earnest, craftsmanship, heritage.

A glimpse of Penn Brewery’s history and location is also important in understanding the brand’s personality. The building in which Penn Brewery is housed today was actually built in the mid-nineteenth century by German immigrants to Pittsburgh’s North Side, as the Eberhart & Ober Brewery. Today, the building is designated as an historic landmark and retains its old-time character and many of its unique architectural features, including a labyrinth of stone caves used to lager barrels of beer in the era before refrigeration became commonplace. The building also features a beautiful panoramic view of Pittsburgh’s city skyline. Hence, the personality of Pittsburgh, and the history of the city’s European immigrants, are key to the brand’s personality.

That said, it’s critical to understand what we mean by “the personality of Pittsburgh.” The first stereotype of the city would lead many to believe that “it’s a smoky, dirty steel town.” While this is certainly no longer the case, this isn’t really the issue we’re getting at in defining the essence of Pittsburgh. What we’re really driving to embody in our brand and label design is the mindset of Pittsburghers. Perhaps more so than natives of any other US city, Pittsburghers have a quirky kind of pride in their hometown. We know we’re not as glamorous as the Angelinos or as trendy as New Yorkers, but we’re honest, authentic, and down-to-earth. We come from the hearty stock of hardworking European immigrants. We’re unspeakably proud of our professional sports teams (well, at least two of them), our colleges, and our high-tech and health care institutions, not to mention the various “Most Liveable City” designations we’ve received over the last couple of decades. We want the Penn Brewery brand to embody this sense of pride in our history and heritage.

Product Description

Penn Kaiser Pils is a pale gold German-style pilsner that’s crisp, clean, and highly hopped with four kinds of Hallertau hops.

Update 21-Sep-10 GMT
Printer has requested that the art files be submitted in Illustrator format if possible