The New King of Creative Crowdsourcing: The Almighty Consumer

crowdSPRING Reveals Trend that Redefines Personalization

CHICAGO - 22-Aug-11 GMT-

CHICAGO, August 22, 2011 – Taking personalization to a whole new level, crowdSPRING (www.crowdSPRING), the world’s number one marketplace for crowdsourced creative services, has identified consumers as an emerging trend of new buyers. Known for being an innovative solution for small business and mass brands looking for high-quality creative at an affordable price, crowdSPRING has seen a surge of projects from consumers looking for unique, one-of-a-kind designs of invitations, greeting cards, personal websites, logos and themed party favors. Projects have ranged from Sweet 16 invitations to hoodies for a Bar Mitzvah giveaway.

“Crowdsourcing creative has been indispensable to businesses but consumers have just recently begun to experience its many benefits. Gone are the days when people spend money to purchase pre-designed invitations customized with their information or utilize fill-in-the-blank design templates. Consumers are now tapping into crowdSPRING’s creative community of nearly 100,000 designers from around the world to create their own never-been-seen before design from scratch. Designs and writing are based on an easy-to-write creative brief that covers personal preferences ranging from favorite color schemes to message,” said Mike Samson, co-founder of crowdSPRING.

Crowdsourcing creative is easy especially for consumers with busy lifestyles. Consumers post their creative project on and name their own price. In turn, creatives submit their ideas and the consumer chooses the one they like best. Consumers not only receive massive choices to choose from, but receive what they want, when they want it and keeping total control over the look of the design they are purchasing. On crowdSPRING, a buyer receives an average of 110 options to select from.

“For years, businesses worldwide have successfully used crowdSPRING for innovative websites, logos, product graphics, stationary, industrial design, writing among others categories to generate quality creative at a more affordable cost than a traditional agency. Creative crowdsourcing by consumers offers all the same benefits including a faster turnaround, a set price so there is no going over budget and all intellectual property rights are transferred to the buyer,” said Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of crowdSPRING.

Crowdsourcing provides consumers with a unique way to generate memorable creative for a special occasion, announcement or celebration. For sample creative crowdsourcing projects, statistics or additional information about this trend, please visit or contact Lauren Russ at

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