Phantom Planet Calls on Fans to Design Official T-Shirt for Upcoming Tour

crowdSPRING Puts Up $500 And Provides Online Showcase For Hot New Tour Tee Designs

CHICAGO - 12-Jun-08 GMT-

crowdSPRING, the online marketplace for creative services, announced today that rock band Phantom Planet and its record label Fueled by Ramen will use to find the most compelling t-shirt design for the band’s upcoming tour.

Starting today and continuing through June 26, crowdSPRING will be accepting design submissions on its website for the Phantom Planet tour commemorative t-shirt. All designs will be reviewed and ranked by both fans and label execs and the best one will appear on the t-shirt for Phantom Planet’s summer tour. The winning designer will receive a $500 cash award and a shirt signed by the band members.

Southern California-based Phantom Planet, whose song California became the theme to “The O.C.” television show, released their fourth studio album, Raise the Dead, this year and begins a new tour in July.

“We’re pumped to see what comes in,” said Amy Zaglauer of Fueled by Ramen. “We wanted to open up this t-shirt design to Phantom Planet’s fan base as well as tapping all the world’s talent for the best possible result.”

Launched in May, crowdSPRING’s online marketplace is a valuable tool for all small and medium businesses that are able to tap into the company’s global community of designers and review actual work submitted for the jobs they post to the site. Now, the innovative platform developed by crowdSPRING allows Phantom Planet fans with talent and a bright idea to submit a t-shirt design.

“The Phantom Planet t-shirt job is a fantastic showcase for the power of crowdSPRING,” said Mike Samson, crowdSPRING’s cofounder. “All of the band’s creative fans will be able to display their talent in the crowdSPRING marketplace."

Like all crowdSPRING users, Phantom Planet will be able to choose from actual designs and walk away with the best one.

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